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Curse of the Sea Rats gets character details and trailer

Posted on October 27, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Videos

Curse of the Sea Rats character

PQube and Petoons Studio shared an update on Curse of the Sea Rats today, and we now have a closer look at the title’s characters. We’re introduced to David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa, and Akane Yamakawa.

We have bios for each one below:

David Douglas – The Swashbuckling Sea Rat

An American Settler who joined the Continental Army to fight the British Empire, he is a jack of all trades that can fight in a variety of ways. With his cutlass he has good speed and reach and a devastating mid air slash. Alongside this, David has his trusty pistol for strong ranged attacks.

With an elemental affinity to fire, he can unlock several pyro abilities: Wild Fire buffs spell damage and burns enemies over time, Flaming Discharge shoots a fiery wave causing AoE magic damage, and Blazing Tornado allows him to project a huge flamethrower to deal massive amounts of damage!

Buffalo Calf – The Fierce Cheyenne Hunter

Captured for sneaking into a British encampment and releasing their horses while the soldiers slept, Buffalo Calf is a lightning fast combatant with two daggers that she can use for strong thrown ranged attacks and speedy close quarters combat.

With an elemental affinity to air, Buffalo Calf can infuse her daggers with an electrical charge to give an added shock bonus to unsuspecting enemies! Piercing Storm rains a shower of deadly knives from above, and with enough spiritual energy she can call upon the mighty Thunderbird and deal magic damage to anyone unlucky enough to stand in her way!

Bussa – The Bajan Brawler

Hailing from the island of Barbados, Bussa is a fugitive slave that escaped his oppressors to become a rebel leader fighting against those that enslaved him. There is no finer brawler, and his devastating hooks are deadly at close range. Bussa uses his size to his advantage, ground slamming enemies from above and using his immense strength to block attacks.

Bussa has an elemental affiinity to Earth, allowing him to unleash an Earthquake right in front of him. Heavy Drill causes Bussa to spin rapidly, carving into anyone in his way with a flurry of fists. Survivor grants Bussa the ability to endure an otherwise lethal attack, while Rock Rain will call upon a hail of boulders to come down from the sky.

Akane Yamakawa – The Onna-bugeisha

Akane is a trained warrior of the Shogun and her skill with a naginata is unquestioned. Her impressive reach allows her to excel at mid to long range combat, allowing her to keep enemies at a distance. She is nimble and acrobatic, with fast sweeping strikes and precise stabs.

As the most poised and graceful of the crew, Akane has an elemental affinity to water which allows her to cast Typhoon – a torrent that she uses to launch her forwards! Water Shield deals damage to anyone that gets too close, while Ice Breaker grants damage resistance. For long fights, Water Fall allows Akane to recharge her energy, while Tsunami lets her call upon a terrifying tidal wave to crash down on her enemies.

And here’s the new character trailer for Curse of the Sea Rats:

Curse of the Sea Rats was originally planned for Switch but has seen a couple of delays. It’s now on track for early 2023.

Source: PQube PR

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