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Danger Scavenger update out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on October 4, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Danger Scavenger

A new update has gone live for Danger Scavenger on Switch. It includes a ton of improvements and fixes relating to performance, AI, and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the new Danger Scavenger update:

– Improved game performance
– Better memory management – results in overall better FPS through the whole game session
-Improved melee weapons, no more double damage bug
– Hardcore Mode: Fixed problems with loading the character after pressing “Quick Restart”
– Co-op: No more animation hangs when both players got on the motorcycle at the same time
– Co-op: Removed the crafting hearts generation exploit
– Removed the crafting attack speed bonus exploit
– Fixed bugs in workshop
– Fixed bugs with dashing
– Fixed problems with a “life insurance” adding wrong amount of health
– Fixed bug with being able to play with 0 hearts and fixed other hearts problems
– Fixed bug with having excessive amount of “Discount!” items resulted in negative prices. Now the discount is capped at maximum of -70%
– Added several colliders that protect from being able to fly or shoot through walls
– Scavengers can’t penetrate objects in the Hub anymore
– Fixed problem with losing focus on button after winning the game and changing game mode
– Fixed problems with losing performance after quick restart
– Fixed bug with not spawning the second player after a quick restart in a co-op

– Fixed issues with having too many items, added limits
– Co-op: Exiting the mode no longer means losing the items by the second player
– Fixed problem with player losing weapon after quick restart
– Fixed bug with not having items after dead in an arcade mode
– Fixed bug with not showing weapons in hub for a second player
– Fixed issues with having too many items, added limits
– Sonic Boots Exploit fix (if player sold and then reverted sonic boots, there was an exploit that gave you back the cash and boots)
– Starting item exploit fix (After player has finished tutorial, and then if he would visit workshop with any character and sell his items, the items would spawn again after changing character and scrap would remain)
– “Boombox” should now scale with floors

– Added control mapping feature in pause menu
– Better color differentiation of opponents
– Visualization when an enemy or an explosion alerts others: an effect of a dissolving circle
– Different arrows for alarmed and unalarmed enemies
– Visualization of attack charging for opponents and fist punch particle fx
– Improved the text layout in the Scavenger descriptions
– Tutorial texts are now displayed correctly
– Small fixes in displaying workshop descriptions
– Fixed texts in workshop pop-up that could cover up the “Accept/Revert” buttons
– Fixed bug with locking pop-ups in co-op
– Fixed problem with losing pop-ups after pressing “set default setting” and choosing a character menu
– Fixed bug with workshop pop-up showing in a wrong place
– Fixed bug with not showing L/R icon from single joy-con in mapping menu
– Fixed a bug where player could press he pause button during loading screen
– The game no longer hangs on a black screen after starting
– You can’t remove a button in mapping anymore
– Control mapping for multiplayer can now be only done, when second player has picked a character
– Added Japanese language support
– Improved font readability for some languages

– Overall AI performance optimization
– Enemies now hide behind obstacles
– Enemy robots alert each other
– Faster reaction time and better response
– Enemies attack while running and try to be constantly on the move
– Enemies can now run up and punch you
– Humanoid throwers attack faster
– Enemies shoot exploding barrels if the player is nearby
– Modified humanoid laser attack: 3 missiles simultaneously

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