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Darius Cozmic Revelation – G-Darius HD update planned, adding arcade exclusive G-Darius Ver.2

Posted on March 18, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Taito today announced a major update for Darius Cozmic Revelation, specifically for G-Darius HD. The game is receiving a beginner’s mode for G-Darius as well as the addition of the rebalanced, arcade exclusive G-Darius Ver.2.

Here’s some additional information about G-Darius Ver.2 as well as a message from M2’s Naoki Horii and Yukiko Karashima:

G-Darius Ver.2 brought the following changes to the game when it was first released and the update will mean 4 versions of G-Darius will be available: the standard G-Darius and G-Darius HD, along with standard and HD versions of Ver.2.

G Darius Ver.2 Changes (Arcade version)

– Beginner mode
– Switched ending (Beginner mode)
– Rapid fire button
– Game speed adjustments
– Enemy endurance adjustments
– Player endurance adjustments – Mid-bosses added to some zones
– Skip function for demo screens added
– Boss timer and timer bonus added
– Calculations for score ranking changed
– Boss attack patterns changed and added

The G-Darius HD update for Darius Cozmic Revelation launches this fall.

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