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Strictly Limited Games

Tiny Thor physical

Tiny Thor just made its debut on Switch as a digital download, but you might be interested to hear that a physical version is in the works as well.

Strictly Limited Games announced that it’s preparing a “Mjönir Edition”. Each copy includes Tiny Thor on a cartridge, a download code for the awesome soundtrack, and the predecessor Hammer Kid. Only 4,000 copies will be made.

Eschatos physical

Strictly Limited Games is working on a physical release for Eschatos on Switch, the company has announced. It will be available in Fall 2023.

Eschatos will have a limited edition, limited to 2,600 copies on Switch, which is essentially just a standard version of the game. Also planned is a collector’s edition – limited to 1,400 units on Switch – with various goodies pictured above.

Steel Empire Chronicles physical

Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with Mebius and Starfish, today announced a physical release for Steel Empire Chronicles on Switch. This package features Steel Empire as well as Over Horizon.

The Limited Edition, priced at $39.99, will let fans choose between two cover variations, which feature the Steel Empire Chronicles title sheet or the classic Over Horizon title sheet. Only 3,000 individually numbered copies will be made on Switch.

Jet Kave Adventure physical

Jet Kave Adventure will have a physical release on Switch, Strictly Limited Games announced today in partnership with 7Levels.

3,000 copies will be produced. Along with a soundtrack download code, each unit contains a manual with over 30 pages of art work and concepts.

Here’s some information about the game:

Shinobi non Grata

Shinobi non Grata has been announced for Switch, and we also have confirmation that a physical release is planned.

The upcoming project comes from Flyhigh Works, Studio Pico, and Esquadra. Strictly Limited Games will be handling the physical editions of the retro platformer.

Infinite Beyond the Mind physical

Today, Strictly Limited Games announced a partnership with Blowfish Studios and Emilie Coyo to produce a physical version of Infinite: Beyond the Mind for Switch. The boxed versions will be out in Spring 2023.

Snow Battle Princess Sayuki physical

Strictly Limited Games is working on a physical release for Snow Battle Princess Sayuki on Switch, the company announced today.

A limited edition (which is essentially a standard version) will be sold alongside a “Special Limited Edition”. 2,500 copies and 1,500 copies will be produced respectively.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition physical

Strictly Limited Games has revealed plans for a physical release of Vesper: Zero Light Edition on Switch.

Two versions are in the works. There’ll be a standard edition as usual, along with a “Special Limited Edition”. With the latter, fans will receive the game on a cartridge with an exclusive and limited cover sheet, special box, manual, companion book titled “The Age of Zero Light” that shows background art and details the backstory of Zero Light through every log found in the game, original soundtrack, five magnetic buttons, a double-sided poster featuring main visuals of the game, and a fluorescent character window sticker featuring art of the main character Seven in front of a backdrop of the game’s artwork.

The Journey Down Trilogy physical

The Journey Down Trilogy arrived on Switch a number of years ago, but the game never saw a physical release. That’s about to change as Strictly Limited Games is teaming up with BlitWorks and Skygoblin on a couple of boxed versions.

Fans can choose between a limited edition and special limited edition. The limited edition, which will have 2,000 copies made on Switch, includes the game and a colorful game manual. There’ll be 999 copies of the special limited edition and it contains a copy of the game, special box, manual, wooden pearl necklace featuring Bwana’s mask, art and riddle booklet, The Great Asili Tree Map, 3-disc soundtrack, and fish-curry recipe card.

Heaven's Vault physical

Following a previous Switch eShop debut, Strictly Limited Games has announced a physical release of Heaven’s Vault. Along with a standard edition (or technically limited edition), a Special Limited Edition is planned.

The regular version simply comes with the game and a manual. With the Special Limited Edition, fans will be provided with a special box, the same manual, original soundtrack with previously unreleased bonus tracks, ten puzzle cards, timeline of the Nebula, notebook, bookmark, and four transparent stickers. They’ll be limited to 1,900 units and 900 units respectively.

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