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Darkest Dungeon patch rolling out

Posted on May 9, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Darkest Dungeon developer Red Hook Studios has sent along word that a new patch is rolling out for Darkest Dungeon. The update fixes bugs as well as a few Switch-specific issues.

Below are the full patch notes:

Darkest Dungeon – Build #24839 – All Platform Changes

  • Change to assert message for running out of solutions.
  • Fix to estate summary bug with district buttons and controller.
  • Fix to districts blocking character sheet input with controller.
  • Fix for Fanatic’s background offset bug
  • Fix to heroes not having combat_end buffs cleared on retreat.
  • Fix for shards collected amount not showing up on raid results screen
  • Fix roster scrolling w/ controller at high fps
  • Fix to monster AOE Friendly skills not working with one 2 slot monsters and 2 1 slot monsters.
  • Additional heart attack variables cleared. Fixes stress relief activities for heroes that died of a heart attack when lost in time and space.
  • Fixes to combat’s stall-prevention system
  • Fixes to graveyard text having missing strings in rare death scenarios
  • Monster’s .ignore_stealth tag now works correctly on Area of Effect attacks if all heroes are in stealth
  • Fix to dlc hero classes not having upgrade prices modified by campaign difficulty
  • “Restraining Padlock” trinket stress damage modifier now correctly applies to other heroes in the party when equipped abomination uses “Transform”
  • Prevented miller’s trinket interaction attack from having its buff resisted

Switch Changes

  • The Musketeer wrathful hat trinket fix is missing on Switch
  • Fix for Crimson Court traps doing more damage than intended if CoM is enabled
  • Fix to Wolves at the Door map navigation on Bloodmoon difficulty
  • Fix for torch meter UI not reappearing after Shieldbreaker flashbacks
  • Fix to Main menu crash when playing House of Ruin cinematic w/ DLC menu open
  • Fix to Korean language selection string font

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