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Darksiders Genesis gets new update on Switch, patch notes

Posted on May 10, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A new update is now available for the Switch version of Darksiders Genesis. It includes an improved map, a number of adjustments, and fixes.

Here are the full patch notes:

Map: Added a ping and location marker to show the area the player is in.

  • Map will now recenter back to the player location when opened.
  • More fixes to items not showing on the map and not getting crossed off the map when collected.
  • Fixed location names showing on an empty map (before you had collected the map).

HUB: Leviathan’s Landing:

  • Collision is more consistent across all sections.
  • Timing and platforming elements have been adjusted to make jumps more reliable.
  • Temporary shortcuts added when completing parts of section 3.
  • Spacing and timing made more forgiving on the final sequence of section 3.

General Fixes:

  • Options: Added an option to set the right and left stick deadzones.
  • Missing Trickster Keys that have previously been collected will be restored on reloading a save. This fixes the issue of not being able to open the final door even though you collected all the Trickster Keys.
  • MP: If a client disconnected or closed their game during a loading screen the host would hang indefinitely at the loading screen. Fixed!
  • MP: Fixed an issue with ledge spikes not working properly or syncing correctly for the client.
  • MP: Issues with camera becoming detached from player have been fixed.
  • MP: Fixed issues with Aether Spark traveling through void portals when controlled by client player.
  • Splitscreen: Player/enemy silhouettes when occluded by environment are now also shown in split screen.
  • HUB: Fixed missing collision behind the trickster door that could cause the player to get stuck.
  • HUB: Fixed an issue where it shows War’s portrait during Strife’s dialogue when talking to Dis.
  • HUB: Fixed a spot around the Void Well where the player could get stuck.
  • Strife: Static shot now correctly chains between yellow grubs.
  • Strife: Activating Shadow Clone on top of caltops no longer detonates the caltrops.
  • Wingclip & Deathtouch VFX now displays properly on Tidehunters, the Grinner Boss, Skeletal soldiers/archers, Infernal Angels, and Fallen Hounds.
  • Fixed some spelling and grammar errors across the game.
  • Fixed various issues with localization (bad tags, translation errors, etc).
  • Updated the Health Core description in the creature core guide with the appropriate Health Core description.

Level Fixes:

  • Level 01: Splitscreen: Added split screen camera volumes in areas that had geo blocking the players view making it easier to see.
  • Level 01: MP: Players no longer spawn behind the fog door if they die.
  • Level 01: Hollow Fiend now takes damage from Strife’s standard shot during his attacks.
  • Level 01: Hollow Fiend can now hit the player when standing in specific spots.
  • Level 01: Fixed enemies not spawning when loading a save on the bridge.
  • Level 01: Fixed a spot on the wall near the first ballista that would cause the player to respawn as if they had fallen off the map.
  • Level 01: Bridge to the trickster door now requires both crystals be hit to activate.
  • Level 02: Legion Champion can now jump across platforms properly.
  • Level 03: Fixed an issue where the forge in the Trickster room couldn’t be used if the ingots were collected in a certain order.
  • Level 04: MP: Fixed an issue where the client’s camera could become disconnected from the character.
  • Level 04: Legion Champion at the Southern Beacon is no longer stuck in the terrain.
  • Level 04: Enemies no longer attack the player during a cutscene.
  • Level 04: Fixed collision near the south-eastern beacon.
  • Level 04: Frozen Fleamags now have collision.
  • Level 04: Fixed an issue where quitting the game after the Molten Hound fight would block further progress.
  • Level 05: MP: Dying during the final fight no longer respawns players behind the barrier.
  • Level 05: Splitscreen: Dying to the Houndmaster no longer teleports the player outside the arena.
  • Level 05: “Respect for animals” quest now tracks properly.
  • Level 05: It now requires all 4 torches be lit in the Trickster room to open the gate.
  • Level 07: Splitscreen: Players no longer get stuck if one player triggers a cut-scene.
  • Level 07: Why’d it have to be snakes side quest now tracks properly, and all the snakes are more accessible.
  • Level 07: Fixed an issues where the Borrower could teleport out of range, locking the Epic chest.
  • Level 07: Removed extra collision on a platform in the first puzzle area.
  • Level 09: Fixed Belial’s ground attack VFX not always displaying.
  • Level 10: Astarte’s lap counter no longer breaks and stops at lap 10.
  • Level 14: Caltrops no longer fall through the floor in the Houndmaster arena.
  • Level 15: Camera no longer clips into the environment near the first soul chest.
  • Level 16: Moloch’s arena now shows on the map.
  • Audio: Fixed some sounds that were unaffected by the volume sliders.
  • Fixed Mammon’s icon showing up when Tidecaller taunted.
  • Grubs will no longer get knocked out of their burrow animations when taking damage.
  • Quests: Fixed an issue with previously completed levels on Mayhem not awarding credit for beating the level on Hard.
  • Quests: Health and Wrath cores purchased from Vulgrim now count properly towards the quest progression.
  • Quests: Complete all levels on certain a certain difficulty quest no longer requires Wicked K to be defeated(16 total instead of 17).

Darksiders Genesis can be found on Switch both physically and digitally.


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