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Dave the Diver update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on December 15, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Dave the Diver update

Dave the Diver players can now get their hands on a new version update.

The update is highlighted by support for the new Dredge DLC, which was announced at The Game Awards last week. That’s not all though – Bancho Sushi will now be decorated on special days, loading times have been improved on Switch, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Dave the Diver update version patch notes

[DREDGE DLC Content]

1) New Weather & Character

  • On a foggy night in the Blue Hole, a new character as known as the ‘Traveling Merchant’ visits Dave.

2) Boat Controls

  • Dave can now drive the boat around the Blue Hole on foggy nights.

3) Dredge System

  • With the new Dredging system, Dave can now dredge at specific locations to obtain various items.

4) Aberrant Fish

  • Dave can now dive in 3 new diving locations during the foggy nights.
  • Different types of aberrant fish will appear in each location.

5) New Weapon – Drain Gun

  • Drain Gun – A new weapon that can be acquired through the DLC has been added.

6) New Customers

  • Hooded Figures will now visit Bancho Sushi to order dishes made with aberrant fish.


  • You must download the DLC in order to enjoy the new DREDGE content.

[System Improvements]

1) Beluga Taxi Improvements 

  • Beluga Taxi will now be available until the end of the diving session. 
  • Beluga Taxi will remain at the place where Dave gets off, and will now wait for Dave after he enters/exits a building. 
  • Beluga Taxi will now be marked in the minimap. 

2) Load Time Improvements & Optimization 

  • Loading time after starting the game client has been shortened. (Switch) 
  • Underwater currents at various locations have been optimized for smoother performance. 
  • Loading time when entering Bancho Sushi has been shortened. (Switch) 

3) Sushi Restaurant 

  • Bancho Sushi will now be decorated on special days – Halloween, Christmas, and New Year! 
    • Special in-game fireworks have also been added on these days. Celebrate the holidays with Dave the Diver! 

4) Controller-Related 

  • Adjusted where vibrations of controllers were implemented awkwardly and added missing vibrations. 
  • Adjusted the icon UI of the ‘L stick’ with controllers for better user comprehension. 

5) Underwater Exploration

  • Added more locations for Crab Trap placements. 
    •  More crab traps can be placed in the same region. 
  • Eased up on the difficulty of the fights with Thresher Sharks. 
  • Improved the animation of when Dave is carving fish so that he can cancel it right away in case he needs to react to other aggressive fish. 
  • Loading screens in-between regions will now show a customized display. 
  • Added a motion where Dave looks into the camera after a Photo Spot mission. 

6) Mobile Apps 

  • Added more Cooksta feeds that include characters’ daily lives and more sushi. 
  • Edited the background image for the ‘Crab Trap’ category in the Marinca. 

7) Other Improvements 

  • Size of certain texts has been enlarged for player convenience. 

[Bug Fixes]

1) Sushi Restaurant 

  • Fixed an issue where the price displayed in Jango’s shop differed from the actual purchase price in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Not Enough Materials’ notification would remain in display even after sending the materials to the branch. 
  • Fixed an issue where texts in the sales results window would appear abnormally under certain conditions. 
  • Adjusted the timing for the display of certain ingredients during cooking battles to prevent unintended appearances. (Steam Only) 
  • (For Mac) Fixed an issue where the background of the sushi restaurant was displayed abnormally in certain situations. (Steam Only) 

2) Underwater Exploration 

  • Fixed an issue where the animation of the net when collecting the captured fish was invisible. (Steam Only) 
  • Fixed an issue where certain terrains were displayed awkwardly. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain projectiles were unintentionally bounced off the baseball bat. 
  • Corrected the visual anomaly in which the item boxes in the depths seemed to disappear under specific conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue where the indications for aggressive fish species were not displayed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was focused on unintended places during the Helicoprion boss battle. 
  • Fixed an issue where the underwater scooter was kept being used in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue where debuff effects on certain fish species were displayed abnormally. 
  • Fixed an issue where shovel and rock attacks affected species with intended immunity. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Sea People’s Necklace would not work as intended in certain situations. 
  • Adjusted the awkward knockback effects on species that were hit with melee attacks. 
    • Jellyfish are now immune to melee knockbacks. 
    • Certain species are no longer immune to melee knockbacks. 

3) Mobile Apps 

  • Fixed an issue where some Cooksta feeds came up at unintended times. 
  • Fixed an issue where UI texts of certain Cooksta feeds were displayed abnormally in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons in the Calendar app were not visible in certain situations. 

4) Missions 

  • Fixed an issue where character dialogue would be displayed awkwardly in certain situations. 

5) Farm & Fish Farm 

  • Fixed an issue where Otto’s leg would be covered by the terrain in certain situations. 

6) Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UI effects were extended beyond their designated areas. 
  • Addressed the in-game mistranslations and issues where certain texts were not displayed. 

The Dave the Diver version update is now available on Switch.


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