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Dave the Diver update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on March 11, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Dave the Diver update

Dave the Diver recently received a new update, which is version

The update is highlighted by a new mini-game, the ability to replace the lighting in the sushi restaurant interior, and Italian language support. Elsewhere there are a ton of improvements, changes, and bug fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

[New Content]

1) New Languages

  • The Italian language has been added.

2) Sushi Restaurant Interior

  • Now you can replace the lighting in the interior.
    • New lighting options have been added to the lighting category, which previously only had default lighting.
    • The newly added lighting options will be unlocked based on your Cooksta rating.

3) New Mini-Game

  • [After Chapter 5] A new game has been added to the GYAO! Mini-game ‘play’ menu.

[System Improvements]

1) Bosses

  • [After Chapter 7] We have made improvements to Yawie.
    • New patterns have been added, and existing patterns have been improved.
    • Added a mid-battle save point during the first phase of combat to improve the experience, preventing players from having to start over at the beginning.
    • Improved the overall presentation, controller vibration, and background music (BGM) for the boss battle.
    • Improved the game by ensuring that some unnecessary UI elements are not displayed..
  • [Chapter 6] Made improvements to Helicoprion boss.
    • Improved the timing of dialogue output during boss encounter.
    • Addressed certain awkward aspects of boss patterns.

2) Sea-People Village

  • [Chapter 3] While progressing through the ‘Build up Trust with the Sea People,’ mission, we have raised the amount of trust points gained for some missions.

3) Sea Exploration

  • [Chapter 7] You can now catch 1 Anomalocaris with crab traps.
    • The Anomalocaris has been added to MarinCa.
  • [After Chapter 6] After the Lost Baby Manateemission the ability to obtain fish and items in the ‘Ice Hollow’ has been improved.
  • [After Chapter 6] Reduced the health of some species in the Glacial Area.
  • [After Chapter 6] Improved the visibility of certain species and seaweed in the terrain in the Glacial Area.
  • Mini-map has been optimized.
  • Added animations to when Dave is using the escape pod.
  • Improved the display of the Mima dumpling buff effects by showing the buff effects at the bottom of the oxygen gauge.
  • Improvements made to some loading times while diving.
  • Improved the animation of large species and bosses disappearing after dying, for the purpose of smoother transitions.
  • Improved some aspects of UI interactions that were previously awkward.
  • Improved controls when using buttons to “return to boat.”
  • Improved the movement animations for tuna.
  • Upgraded dishes to the maximum level are now displayed as ‘Max’ at the final level.
  • Adjusted the placement of some fish.

4) Sushi Restaurant

  • Added animations related to staff [Recruitment/training/dismissal/dispatch].
  • Added waiting animations for employees when they are in standby mode.
  • When adding items to the menu, default quantity has been changed from 0 to 1.
  • Improved the ability to consecutively train employees without closing the window upon completing training.
  • During VIP cooking battles sounds have been added to certain patterns to enhance immersion.
  • Improved some texts that were displayed awkwardly when hiring employees.
  • Improved the notification display conditions and placement in the staff tab to be more intuitive.
  • Improved the ability to check on gold even when opening the staff/interior window of the branch CCTV.
  • When there is no manager assigned to the branch, a default image has been added to the manager slot.

5) Missions

  • Improved the effects of location changes during mission progress that were previously awkward.
  • Improved the color of speech bubbles during missions with NPC dialogues to make them more easily noticeable.
  • [Chapter 6] Improved the ability to use pause function when following drone during Sea Blue Base  Infiltration Operation.

6) Weapons

  • Improvements made to Ice Gun.
    • Damage output has been increased.
    • Sound has been replaced with something more closely resembling firearms.

7) Farm / Fish Farm

  • Loading screen for entering farm/fish farm has been replaced.
  • Improvements have been made to the farm.
    • [After Chapter 4] Hiring Sammy
      • Improvements have been made to make it easier to extend the employment contract.
      • Improved the visibility of the fertilizer configuration screen to clearly distinguish the current settings.
  • Improved interaction with Sammy/Otto/feeder/vegetables to prevent chickens from being disrupted during interaction.
  • Improved visibility by hiding the move button in the lower item slot when opening storage.
  • Corrected inconsistencies in the position and spacing of text for some buttons.
  • Improved the focus to be maintained at the proper location after selling items at the store.
  • Standardized the gold number display format within the farm/fish farm.
  • Improvements have been made to the fish farm.
    • Improved the ability to adjust quantities with mouse clicks when transferring ingredients between the main restaurant and branch.

8) Controls

  • Improved the navigation in some list display screens, making it easier to move back in the opposite direction (up/down/left/right).
  • Improved the game so that sorting settings are maintained and not reset even after exiting and restarting the game.
  • Improved key settings to prevent having the ‘action’ and ‘cancel’ button be set as the same button.

9) Smartphone Apps

  • Improved some apps to allow scrolling with the wheel function.
  • Adjusted the position, size, and color of buttons in some apps to create a more uniform and cohesive experience.
  • Adjusted the scrolling speed in some apps to make scrolling faster.
  • Improved the placement of the ‘NEW’ tag to make it easier to notice the newly added species in Marinca.
  • Added a button to the calendar app that allows you to go back to today.
  • Improved the user-friendliness of the upgrade items in the Cooksta app.
  • [After Chapter 5] The appearance of GYAO! in the memory tab has been changed.

10) Sound

  • Improvements have been made to the volume and sound quality of some sounds.
  • Improved the sound to be heard properly even when the sound of rapid-fire weapons overlaps.

11) Other Changes

  • Added item sorting functionality to the Cobra Shop sales category.
  • Made it so that the game sound does not play when the game screen is minimized or goes out of focus.
  • Increased the diversity of Cobra’s motions when on the boat.
  • Added default images to empty slots in the boat skin menu.

[Bug Fixes]

1) Sea Exploration

  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal number of hits occurred during specific patterns of the Wolf Eel Boss.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the branch manager at a specific point caused an abnormal number of customers to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue in which items from fishing traps, drones, and cargo box were not obtained upon death.
  • Fixed the issue where under specific conditions, the number of salvage attempts and other factors were being reset upon death.
  • Fixed the issue where underwater cargo crates were being obscured by the terrain in the Glacial Area.
  • Fixed an issue where items appeared to be overlapping during sea exploration.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of the box was moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘new’ tag was being displayed when retrieving items with the salvage drone, that had already been obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where the fish were moving abnormally during the salvage of large species.
  • Fixed an issue where the fleeing speed of some species became abnormally fast in certain attack situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the motions of some species appeared abnormally during the use of the harpoon when they were in sleep status.
  • Fixed an issue where emojis were lingering even after the death of aggressive species.
  • Fixed the issue where, in certain circumstances, the net was abnormally displayed when using a specific weapon with the salvage drone at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of some identical species was inconsistent.

2) Missions

  • [After Chapter 5] Fixed the issue in Cobra’s Lost Crowbar mission where, under specific circumstances, you couldn’t proceed further after restarting following a death.
  • Fixed the issue where the timing of the dialogue output at the start of the Feed Momo mission was awkward.

3) Sea People Village

  • Fixed the issue where mission related UI was still being displayed even after completing a specific mission
  • Fixed an issue during a specific mission where, when talking to Tenzhin, the displayed dialogue did not match the choices made.
  • Fixed the issue where the mouse disappeared at the start of the Shark Tooth mini-game.
  • Fixed the issue where the descriptions of some products in Duwa’s Blacksmith Shop were not visible.

4) Sushi Restaurant

  • Fixed the issue where the image displayed in the result screen after ending the party expedition did not match the actual results.
  • Fixed an issue where cooking utensils in the background appeared awkwardly during the start of cooking battles.
  • Fixed intermittent freezing of controls during shrimp preparation.
  • Fixed the issue where the popup menu in the staff window appeared abnormally under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where the El Niño employee had an awkward pouring motion during specific situations.

5) Farm / Fish Farm

  • Fixed an issue where the scroll function was not working for the Diver Box.
  • Fixed the intermittent frame drop issue that occurred upon entering the farm.
  • Fixed an issue where footstep sounds were played when skipping time on the farm.
  • Fixed an issue where some terrain appeared as if Dave could pass through it.

6) Smartphone Apps

  • Fixed the issue where the enhancement notification did not disappear even when there were insufficient materials for firearm enhancement.
  • Fixed an issue in which interacting with the smartphone apps was not possible under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue in management app – Branch Staff tab where keyboard scrolling was not working.

7) Other

  • Corrected various translation and typographical errors reported by the community.



1) Mini-games

  • To balance the economy, the gold selling price of the blue diamond has been adjusted from 80,000 gold to 40,000 gold.
    • The selling price of Bei will remain the same as before.

2) Sushi Restaurant

  • Fixed an issue where the VIP guest (Hooded Figure) sound effects were too quiet.

[Bux Fixes]

1) Sea Exploration

  • Fixed an issue where the motion of certain species looked awkward.

2) Smartphone Apps

  • Fixed an issue where the drain gun image appeared white in the weapon shop under specific conditions.

3) Mini-Games

  • Fixed an issue where items obtained through the salvage mini-game appeared as a white image.

4) Sushi Restaurant

  • Fixed an issue where some backgrounds in sushi restaurants could look awkward in foggy weather.

Dave the Diver’s version update is now live on Switch.


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