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Death Road to Canada – “HUMERUS Update” out now on Switch

Posted on January 13, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Death Road to Canada

After initially appearing on Steam a few months ago, the “HUMERUS Update” for Death Road to Canada finally went live on Switch this week. New features were added, including four-player local co-op, three gameplay modes, tweaks, and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

New Changes 11/4

– Fixed a bug where stacking charge-use weapons (like the healing spray) in the trunk from an equip slot could crash the game

– Fix for weirdness with equipped weapon slots when locked weapons were involved

– Moody will again sometimes murder the entire group, but he values his rocket launcher less now so he will do so rarely-ish

– 6 strength TSTC characters and up can now yank pay phones out and throw them

– Dying in the Tutorial (or Zombotown if that was possible) will no longer delete one of your saves

New Changes 10/29

– The game now remembers who the leader was on the next mission. So if Player 2 was leader, they will retain leadership in the next mission.

– All players now will get to retain who they were controlling at the start of the next mission.

– When they’re selecting a character to control, non-leader players can now choose to take over the characters of other players. The player swap indicator in the top right will have extra symbols to warn you that you’re booting someone off their character.

– Non-leader players can now take over the leader’s character. This will give them leadership. This gives a way to swap which player is leader, which was missing before.

– Fixed a bug where certain weapons would drop on death, when they weren’t supposed to. This mostly affected weapons with charges, like the bow and arrow. Also Giga Mann’s Blaster.

– Moody will again sometimes murder the entire group, but he values his rocket launcher less now so he will do so rarely-ish

– 6 strength TSTC characters and up can now yank pay phones out and throw them

Major Features

– The game now supports up to 4 players at a time!
– Joystick can now be unassigned from Player 1 and assigned to Player 2 instead

– 3 new gameplay modes added!
– Endless Mode in. Let me know how far you get!
– Over Powered Party Mode added. This lets you start in a special map that lets you recruit any rare character in the game
– Quick Death Mode added. It’s Short Trip to Heck, but with the difficulty tripled

– Removed the “pick a new character” text event when the leader is killed. Now it works similarly to how joining in as a multiplayer buddy would work, meaning you should be able to choose a new character more seamlessly. This only takes one second to kick in

– In multiplayer, player-controlled characters will teleport to the leader’s room after one second. This was done to drastically reduce the waiting time when the other players are inactive. This is turned off if the character is grabbed
– Event Picker Cursor splits into P1 through P4 cursors as players join, all can be used
– Players 2-4 now have more control over menu choices. Whoever picks first makes the choice
– If the leader dies and there is another player, the leadership will go to that player. Camera will swap over, they will get pause menu control, and the Leader crown will pop over their head

– OPP mode has a FORBIDDEN HUT that lets you recruit characters that may break the game. Have fun with that, but also NO REFUNDS
– Special ending wave tweaks for OPP. The ending fight takes about twice as long as in other modes. I may later also make the harder modes have a longer ending fight wave, such as in KEPA Mode
– Endless Mode shows your days in, instead of days left
– Endless Mode tracks your highest day reached in the game mode select screen

– The game will run a quick check to clear your control settings to make them compatible with the new 4-player changes.

Tweaks and Fixes

– The ability to press escape to quit a menu added to more menus, for now mostly the supply and weapon traders.

– Changed effect of camp2-zwatch for Sound Sleepers that have no loyalty
– Text adjustments in camp2-bwatch and camp3-trap for Sound Sleepers
– Weegee event now gives a different effect for the fire result if Fireproof
– Fix for the walking event with the yelling car, which would have a reveal error if you had an Oblivious character
– Car Detour event no longer nukes your gas if you’re in a 0 gas consumption car

– Irritating Trademark Weapon is now a recharging Air Horn
– IRRITATION HORN has 20 charges for maximum cooling it

– Revamped recruit system on recruit-yes and recruit-replace, now most will give “pick more” with a full group and let you cancel the recruit.
– Exceptions to above: Familiar Face recruiting, which uses a different system that would have problems with this. Recruiting dogs by feeding them and recruiting rare camp recruits, which have food costs, so the game forces you as to not waste the food.
– Jerk recruiting uses the new system, but it probably shouldn’t? Not sure.
– Changed two recruit1 events to no longer use the old “3 choices or leave behind system”, as the new system makes this even more obsolete.

– Removed nodeathdrop from Rambeaux
– Buffed Ninja-countdown from 4-5 to 6-8
– Moody will no longer use his Rocket Launcher if he’s controlled by the AI. I did NOT agree with this change, but did it grudgingly.


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