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Details from Aonuma’s Zelda speaking session at New York Comic Con

Posted on October 11, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Podcast Stories

Eiji Aonuma is currently in the process of hosting his “speaking session” at the New York Comic-Con. We’re rounding up details from the event below, courtesy of tweets from IGN’s Jose Otero and Nintendo of America.

– Talking about #WindWaker HD. Mr. Aonuma wants to thank fans for their amazing submissions to the WindWaker Fan Art Contest.
– Zelda: A Link Between finished roughly a week ago
– Item shop. You’re able to rent all of the items from the start of the game. Buying them costs a lot of money.
– Item show is at Link’s old house. Or at least it looked that way.
– Link traveled to “lower world” and back. Showed a new collectible called a Maimai.
– Bottom screen zooms in on map. Returning Maimai’s to the Mother Mainai upgrades your items. Upgraded bow fires three arrows at once.
– Smaller dungeons that house treasure can be found as well as standard dungeons.
– Rupees are easier to find in this Zelda and in bigger amounts. Smaller dungeon at the end had a Silver rupee worth 100.
– Mr. Aonuma is talking about new features like the item rental system, free-flowing dungeons and wall merge.
– Aonuma is now going into inspiration and early development. Showing an original bitmap from ALttP.
– Mr. Aonuma is showing fans some prototype maps and screenshots as he discusses the making of a 3D top down #Zelda game.

– “Lower world” equals Lorule. And it has it’s own princess named Hilda.
– Yuga is the name of the enemy in the trailer that turned people into paintings.
– Something related to Majora’s Mask is in ALBW.

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