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Devil Engine update out now (version 1.0.2)

Posted on March 1, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Devil Engine players on Switch will find that a new update is now available. With version 1.0.2, the team has implemented a bunch of different fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed a few (English) typos
  • Fixed crash bugs on the Stage 4 boss
  • Fixed crash bugs involving pausing and un-pausing with the laser
  • Fixed spider enemies on Stage 3 not awarding points
  • Fixed a bug where continues would sometimes lower on there own
  • Fixed a crash bug with Scathach if you died at the right/wrong time
  • Fixed music sometimes not stopping if you killed the final boss too fast
  • Fixed Easy mode clears failing to upload/zeroing out (and stage not being reported correctly)
  • Fixed name entry and Challenge mode sometimes not accepting confirms
  • Fixed the Challenge mode unlock popup not properly canceling out Challenge selection
  • Fixed enemies killed not being calculated under some circumstances
  • Kill count option now works on clear screen (instead of just pause menu)
  • Fixed game mode sometimes not reporting correctly
  • Fixed level select incorrectly behaving on for easy and expert modes.
  • Fixed No bullets, Supers only crashing if you held bomb down as you started and failed the Challenge mode
  • Technically a balance change?
  • Fixed unlocks popup occasionally listing the wrong item
  • Fixed not properly unlocking
  • Fixed clears from sometimes reporting as stage 6
  • Fixed a stray line on the game over screen
  • Fixed some stats zeroing out if you quick reset and then never paused all the way up to a clear (Thanks Mocha)
  • Fixed a couple sounds being pitched incorrectly if you play a run after doing specific challenges
  • Fixed reporting as a clear when cleared
  • Fixed the stage 4 boss softlocking if timed out
  • Fixed easy clears reporting as stage 6 FOR REAL THIS TIME
  • Crash fix: against the Stage 4 boss, when a certain attack is used
  • Crash fix: if you rapidly un-pause the game while using the laser


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