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Dangen Entertainment

OneShot: World Machine Edition gameplay

Dangen Entertainment published OneShot: World Machine Edition on Switch this week, and those that want a closer look can watch a new round of gameplay. 12 minutes of footage has come in.

Below is an overview of OneShot: World Machine Edition with more information:

OneShot World Machine Edition trailer

Dangen Entertainment and Future Cat have shared a launch trailer for OneShot: World Machine Edition. The title, a puzzle adventure experience, lands on Switch today.

You can learn more about the game in the following interview:

Publisher Dangen Entertainment has announced that their action RPG Ultra Age will be receiving some free DLC on Switch very soon. This new content, titled “Rebirth Project”, will add a new roguelike level to the game and iterate on its existing weapons and upgrades.

Here is an official overview for Ultra Age’s Rebirth Project DLC via its Steam page:

OneShot: World Machine Edition release date

Dangen Entertainment has passed along a final release date for the Switch version of OneShot: World Machine Edition, the puzzle adventure game made by Future Cat. It will be available on September 22, 2022 with pre-orders opening on August 18.

OneShot: World Machine Edition was first announced for Switch at the end of last year. This past May, it was given a summer release window.

The Witch's House MV

A Switch version of The Witch’s House MV is in development, publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Fummy revealed today. The game is slated for later in 2022.

The Witch’s House MV, which first released in 2012, is a Japanese horror RPG with an emphasis on puzzle-solving and jump scares. The updated edition first hit PC in 2018 and will now be appearing on consoles for the first time.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that a handful of games published by Dangen Entertainment would be receiving major updates. The first of these, a “Forged in Hell” update for strategy action-platformer Smelter, has just been released.

Smelter’s “Forged in Hell” update is adding a couple of different modes to the game, including a Boss Rush mode whihc lets you fight various bosses in quick succession, and an Action mode which does away with the strategy component of the game, instead focusing solely on the action-platforming.

You can check out the full patch notes for Smelter’s “Forged in Hell” update below.

lost ruins review

System: Switch
Release Date: June 6, 2022
Developer: Altari Games
Publisher: Dangen Entertainment

As I navigated the dark, sprawling catacombs and trap-filled dungeons of Lost Ruins, I was always deftly aware of the stakes at play. My protagonist – a plucky, somewhat oblivious schoolgirl who had somehow gotten herself transported to this strange land – was almost always a few missteps away from a grisly demise, be that via a hidden environmental trap or by the claws of a fast-moving zombie-like beast. Inevitably, I would falter and reload at my last checkpoint, often frustrated at myself for getting cornered or something similar – but every time, I was eager to jump back into the challenging world of Lost Ruins to explore more of the map and uncover its many secrets.

Lost Ruins gameplay

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Following its surprise release yesterday, some new gameplay has come in for 2D survival action game Lost Ruins. About 15 minutes of footage are available.

Learn more about Lost Ruins with the overview below:

Dungeon Drafters

Dangen Entertainment announced today that it has picked up Dungeon Drafters for publishing.

The project was originally confirmed for Switch in 2020. Fans helped move the game in production thanks to their funding support on Kickstarter.

smelter ara fell rise of the third power physical

New physical releases have been revealed for a trio of Dangen Entertainment-published games – specifically Smelter, Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition, and Rise of the Third Power.

Red Art Games is readying the Smelter Collector’s Edition for Switch. Copies will include a collector box, game, art book, soundtrack, and double-side poster. Further details will be provided at a later date.

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