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Dangen Entertainment

Lost Ruins physical

Today, Red Art Games announced plans to produce physical versions of Lost Ruins on Switch. Fans can expect boxed copies in Q2 2024.

Red Art Games will publish two different physical versions in Europe. The standard release will be available through most major retailers, but the Lost Ruins Deluxe Edition will be exclusive to the company’s online store. Limited to 300 copies per platform, it includes a wraparound box sleeve with alternate cover art, a reversible poster and a double-sided keychain.

Alina of the Arena

Dangen Entertainment and developer Pinix Games today announced that Alina of the Arena is making its way to consoles, including Switch. Fans can expect it by the end of 2023.

Alina of the Arena is roguelike deck-building tactics game that takes inspiration from Slay the Spire and Into the Breach. Further details are available in the following overview:

Exit Veil

Publisher Dangen Entertainment, along with Tokyo Dark developer Cherrymochi, today confirmed that Exit Veil will be made available on consoles, including Nintendo hardware. The two sides did not share a release window.

Exit Veil is an occult RPG in which players go on a journey through a dark-psychedelic labyrinth as Tori, a lost soul navigating a beautiful yet terrifying world on the brink of decay. More information is included in the following overview:

Abomi Nation release date

It’s been a little while since we last heard about the Switch version of Abomi Nation, but the game just got a release date. Dangen Entertainment passed along with that it’ll be available on September 28, 2023.

Abomi Nation is a casual monster-taming roguelite developed by Orange Pylon Games. It was first announced for Switch in June 2022.

Recall Empty Wishes

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Puff Hook Studio previously announced Recall: Empty Wishes, but we now have confirmation that the game is heading to Switch. The game will initially launch for PC in Q4 2023, followed by consoles at a later date.

Recall: Empty Wishes, a story-driven psychological thriller based in Taiwan in the 2010s, focuses on a boy named Tommy who has mysteriously disappeared and his sister, Yonny, who is trying to find him. More details are available in the following overview:


Today, publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Rastrolabs Game Studio announced that they’re teaming up on the upcoming Switch game RoadOut. It’s on track to debut in 2024.

RoadOut is a post-apocalyptic action adventure game that mixes dungeon exploration and racing mechanics. You’ll be able to explore the world in your cat, then battle your way through puzzle-filled dungeons on foot. Cited inspirations include The Legend of Zelda, GTA and Rock’n Roll Racing.

Pry Into the Void

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Ernest Placido today announced that Pry Into the Void is coming to Switch. A release is planned for 2024.

The game, a bleak RPG inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, has players prying into the hearts of monsters, conversing with their souls, and navigating challenging moral dilemmas to recruit them as allies in order to exploit enemy weaknesses. This is the first entry in Project: Retched Garden, a collection of monster-taming RPGs where the world dies and the flowers scream.

Minoria physical

Following its previous Switch eShop appearance a few years ago, Minoria is now receiving the physical treatment on Switch. Limited Run Games is in charge of production.

Both a standard version and collector’s edition are in the works. The latter includes various extras, including a cloth poster, a soundtrack, and a Sister Semilla figure alongside a physical copy of the game.

OneShot physical

Limited Run Games revealed today that it’s planning a physical release for OneShot: World Machine Edition on Switch.

Two versions are planned. A standard release is planned as usual, but there’ll also be a collector’s edition. The collector’s edition contains a lamp, soundtrack, pins, a magnet, and a game map.

Ara Fell and Rise of the Third Power physical collector's edition

Limited Run Games has revealed details about the Ara Fell and Rise of the Third Power physical release, featuring two games in one.

A standard version and collector’s edition are planned. For the latter, Limited Run Games will be including a soundtrack, pin, and a cloth poster detailing the 2D worlds of these RPG adventures.

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