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Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – Character details and battle mechanics explained

Posted on October 22, 2020 by in Switch

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

Nippon Ichi Software has given us new information for Disgaea 6, introducing new main characters Magileine and Chusendol, new generic characters Psychic and Armored Valkyrie, and new and returning systems such as “Auto Battle.” Check out the details and screenshots below courtesy of Gematsu:

■ Story

The “God of Destruction”—a terrifying calamity that is going around destroying worlds—possesses great power and cannot be defeated. If nothing is done, every world could be destroyed.

Through repeated use of transfer magic called “Super Reincarnation,” zombie protagonist Zed becomes stronger the more he dies and continues to challenge the God of Destruction.

In today’s update, we will take a look at some of the unique characters Zed will encounter throughout the game’s many worlds.

■ Characters

Magileine (voiced by Ikumi Nakagami)

A grand sorcerer and headmaster of the magic academy. She uses a legendary magic wand and has made a name for herself as Magical Girl Pretty Magileine.

Chusendol (voiced by Michitake Kikuchi)

King of the Human World. As the richest man in the world, he believes anything is possible with the power of money. He has the special ability to revive a fallen hero.

■ The Various Worlds Zed Will Visit

Magic Academy World

The world of an academy where young magicians train night and day. It is said that a super powerful item created by a legendary witch is somewhere in this world.

Human World

A world governed by the new-money king Chusendol—the world’s richest man. There seems to be a warrior known as the “hero” who receives the king’s financial support.

■ Auto Battle and Machine Edit

“Auto Battle” is a new feature that enables characters to fight on their own. There is also a new “Machine Edit” feature that allows players to give characters detailed instructions such as which attacks to use on which enemies.

■ Base Shortcuts Enhance Ease of Play

The series’ mainstay base element returns and is packed with convenient facilities. In Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, shortcuts enable you to move wit complete freedom, so be sure to make use of them.


—Cheat Shop

—Base Shortcuts

■ Dark Assembly and Item World

“Dark Assembly” is an assembly for demons, by demons, where the players can determine various factors. It is a demonic assembly where opposing viewpoints can be overturned by force.

—Dark Assembly

An “Item World” is a special world that exists within an item. By clearing an Item World, you can increase the item’s level and strengthen their performance and effects.

—Item World

■ 2x Speed Mode and Play Again

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny has a “2x Speed Mode” that speeds up battle scenes, as well as a “Play Again” feature that lets you play and clear the same stage multiple times in a row. By making it easier to replay each stage, there is an even greater sense of additional challenge. Aim for level 99,999,999!

—Play Again

■ New Generic Characters

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny introduces the new generic characters “Psychic” and “Armored Valkyrie.”


A boy who awakens to a power beyond human understanding. He toys with opponents in irregular combat focused on their weak point. Specializes in staffs and guns.

Armored Valkyrie

A robot born from super magic and super science. Designed to be able to handle itself in any situation. It can take on a large number of enemies with gun warfare.

■ Returning Generic Characters


A fighter with a tough physique and indomitable spirit. He unleashes his power when he is in danger. Specializes in physical attacks using swords and axes.


A naive magical girl. She is capable of using skills or magic efficiently. Specializes in magic attacks using staffs.


A sage who harms himself when healing others. He cures status ailments as well. Resistant to magic attacks and less susceptible to damage.

Martial Artist

A martial arts master. He utilizes powerful counter attacks. The more he counter attacks, the higher his attack power. Specializes in fists.


A thief who devotes her life to finding treasure. No one steals like her. She is swift and runs around the battlefield with high mobility.


A kindhearted Netherworld hunter. She provides cover fire for her allies. Specializes in long-range attacks using bows.


A gunslinger with lethal speed. He specializes in teaming up with allies. With guns as his weapon of choice, he supports the team with cover fire.

Magic Knight

An unusual soldier who controls magic. She converts defensive power into offense. With swords and staffs as her weapon of choice, she can fight according to her opponent.


A calm assassin who lives in the shadows. He is adept at evading attacks. He fights on the front lines using his ability to evade.

Lady Samurai

A maiden with a demon-exorcized sword. She specializes in fighting fair. With her high attack power, she can slay opponents in a single blow.

Armor Knight

A soldier with an impenetrable defense. She protects allies with her superior defense. As the team’s shield, she fights both in both front and rear guards.

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