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Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi Software announces Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi for Switch

Posted on October 2, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi

Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi Software today unveiled Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi, a dungeon survival tactical RPG in which players lead a group of adventurers who are stranded, out of a dungeon by gathering food and materials. Japan will be getting the game on January 27, 2022.

Below are the first details, courtesy of Gematsu:


– A group of adventurers end up stranded in a dungeon that they heard was “for beginners”
– When their thirst and hunger were at their peak, they come across a corpse of a giant dead monster
– Once the group manages to escape starving to death, they look for a way out
– Reach for the surface by eating delicious things, weird things, and everything in between


– Create your own adventurer
– Your adventurers end up stranded inside the dungeon’s “sealed place,” which has been known to be where new adventurers head to prove their worth
– Customize your adventurers at the start of the game
– Can make up to four characters
– Once you have formed a party of up to four characters, head off to your adventure
– Can change hair, face, voice, and job of your character
– This can be also changed during the game by crafting and using certain items
– Jobs can rage from Swordsman, which specializes in sword combat; Cook, which can bring variety to your survival foods; and Unemployed, which house infinite possibilities
– Characters will acquire different skills and status growths

System: Survival – Dungeon Diving x Survival

– Freely move around the map, gathering plants and minerals
– Fight monsters to obtain their meat
– The deeper you dive into the dungeon, the stronger the monsters will become, but the better the materials you can find
– Exploring can mean finding useful materials for continuing your adventure
– Depending on the moves you make, you will use up your “calories” and “hydration”
– Once your calories and hydration reach a critical state, you will have a hard time fighting
– Fighting monsters and eating them, and eating and exploring—make sure you have a balanced adventurer’s diet
– The key to your adventure is camping
– Whenever you proceed to the next floor in a dungeon, you can take a rest
– This lets you cook with the materials you gathered and upgrade your weapons

System: Battle – Eat, Feed, and Procure Ingredients!

– A fusion between survival gameplay of living inside a harsh environment and Simulation RPG gameplay of leading and training your units
– Whenever you touch a monster on the map, it will seamlessly transition into battle
– Battles are carried out on a grid-based strategy RPG system
– Turns will play out according to whoever has the most speed on the battlefield
– Calories and hydration will also be used during battles
– When you defeat a monster, you will get different ingredients depending on the monster
– Eating these will replenish your calories and hydration but give the adventurer a status boost for a limited time as well
– You can also aim to feed your enemies certain foods to weaken them
– Put everything in your mouth, whether it is a monster’s corpse, a weed you just picked, or your friend that just died

System: Cooking – Go Beyond with Adventure Foods!

– Cook up “Adventure Foods” with gathered materials
– You can cook “Dishes” by combining multiple materials that will enhance your adventurer’s statuses
– If there is character with high “cooking skill,” the dishes will have better effects despite having the same recipe
– Using materials as items to consume and enhance, or to use them to grow your basic stats is up to your experience and judgement
– There are over 50 recipes of foods that will lighten up your adventures
– Try different combinations to create new foods
– Meat Stew: A stew with large chunks of monster meat; the hero Desh loves this classic meat dish
– Roasted Bug Skewer: Sometimes there will be some “creative” foods on the adventurers table

The first trailer for Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi can be found below.

Shikabanegurai no Boukenmeshi has not yet been announced for the west. However, given NIS America’s track record, news for North America and Europe will likely come in the future.

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