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Dragalia Lost – 12/12/19 events roundup

Posted on December 12, 2019 by in Mobile, News

Dragalia Lost’s Dragonyule is in full swing, and with it a new summon showcase as well as various events are now live. Starting with the summon showcase, Dragonyule Defenders 2, has started as of 10 PM PT on 12/11. Appearance rates are boosted for the 5★ adventurer Dragonyule Malora (limited-time) and 5★ dragon Corsaint Phoenix. Additional events are detailed after the break, along with the promotional video for the summon showcase, Dragonyule Defenders 2:

  • A water-attuned adventurer upgrade event started at 10 PM PT on 12/11. During this event, drops from Waterscour Ruins, Mercury’s Trial, and The Imperial Onslaught (water) will be doubled.
  • The Dragonyule Bonus is live as of 10 PM PT on 12/11. Log in during the duration to get great rewards, including a weapon, a sticker, and a decent helping of Wyrmite.
  • The facility event revival, The Miracle of Dragonyule, is now live, allowing players to build the limited-time Yuletree facility in their Castle Grounds to boost the stats of water-attuned adventurers.
  • A minor change to trading has been added, updating the maximum number of rupies you can trade for in a single trade to 30,000,000.

Are you looking forward to these events in Dragalia Lost?

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