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Dragalia Lost – 3/11/2020 events roundup

Posted on March 11, 2020 by in Mobile

Here are the latest events coming to Dragalia Lost:

  • A old event is returning soon in Dragalia Lost. On Mar. 11, at 11 PM PT players can challenge the Skyborne Spectacle raid event. If you increase your friendship with Su Fang, an adventurer who appears in the event, you can permanently add him to your roster.

  • The Springtime Spree summon showcase revival starts Mar. 11, 11 PM PT! Appearance rates will be increased for featured adventurers and dragons, such as the 5★ adventurer Lin You and 5★ dragon Long Long!
  • The Paragons of Piety showcase starts Mar. 11, 11 PM PT! See the video and description below for more details:


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