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Dragalia Lost – A Dazzling Defense live now and Gala Dragalia Remix coming soon

Posted on November 11, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

Dragalia Lost has dropped its newest onslaught event, A Dazzling Defense. This event has players battle against hoards of enemies which get more difficult every level.

Defeating all of these foes and defending an area gives out a special Victory Reward (including flame tomes and light tomes). Also exclusive to the A Dazzling Defense event, Astral Tartarus Assault is available as an EX quest when on Master difficulty.

This event runs until November 18, 2021 at 9:59pm PT.

A Gala Dragalia Remix is also coming soon, and a trailer has dropped for it. Check it out below as well as specifics about the event.

The newly added 5★ adventurer Humanoid Jupiter (light) and 5★ dragon Uriel (flame) will also appear in subsequent summon showcases.
Adventurers added in past Gala Dragalia summon showcases may appear in this summon showcase as well. For information about which adventurers may appear, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then select Appearance Rates and check the Appearance Rates section.
The Scratch-A-Thon Summon and Platinum Showcase that will be live at the same time do not include the newly added adventurer and dragon appearing in this showcase.
▼Newly added featured adventurer:
5★ Humanoid Jupiter (light/blade)
▼Newly added featured dragon:
5★ Uriel (flame)
▼Featured adventurer from past Gala Dragalia summon showcases:
5★ Gala Prince (light/sword)
Gala Dragalia Remix event duration:
11/12/2021 at 00:00 to 11/15/2021 at 23:59
Get a closer look at the featured adventurers and dragon below.
Featured adventurers:
  • Lv80
  • 10
  • HP745
  • Strength517
Adventurer Details
  • To stave off boredom, the Lightwyrm Jupiter
    takes a human form in order to observe humans
    more closely. Though his appearance has
    changed, his personality has not, and he still
    loves seeing people flustered by his words.
Thunder Strike
Deals damage to enemies directly ahead,
inflicts flashburn, and grants the user a strength
amp. If this attack hits an enemy that has the
“Overcharged” effect, it will deal bonus damage
based on the effect’s level. If Overcharged
is at its maximum level, it will be removed
after the bonus damage is dealt.
Damage: 1,200 × 1 hit
Bonus Damage (Overcharged Lv. 1): 300 × 1 hit
Bonus Damage (Overcharged Lv. 2): 300 × 2 hits
Bonus Damage (Overcharged Lv. 3): 300 × 3 hits
Bonus Damage (Overcharged Lv. 4): 300 × 4 hits
Skill Energy Required: 2,640
Special Effects:
Lasts 21 seconds
Triggers every 2.9 seconds
Damage: 41.6
・Strength Amp (Team Amp MAX Lv. = 1)
Spark Ignition
Applies “Overcharged” to the target.

If the user is hit by an attack that can be
avoided with the damage immunity provided
by skills while using this skill but before
it applies Overcharged, this skill will instead
apply four levels of Overcharged to the target
and nearby enemies.

Skill Energy Required: 10,560
Special Effects:
・Overcharged Lv. 1
Lasts 60 seconds
・Overcharged Lv. 4
Lasts 15 seconds
Strength +10%
Increases strength by 10%.
Benefits your whole team.
Chain Co-ability
(Light) Team Strength Amp = Curse Res +100%
If a team member is attuned to Light:
reduces their susceptibility to curses by 100%
when they have a team strength amp.
Benefits your whole team.
Lightwyrm’s Nature II
Reduces susceptibility to paralysis by 100%.

When shapeshifting for the first time,
the user will transform into Jupiter regardless
of what dragon they are equipped with.
The second time onwards, they will transform
into High Jupiter instead.

Also, when the user dodges an enemy’s attack,
applies “Overcharged” to the attacking enemy
and grants the user a strength amp with a
maximum team amp level of one.
After activating, this effect will not activate
again for 10 seconds.

Overcharged has four levels and deals damage
to the affected target and nearby enemies when
the effect is lost. This damage and its area of
effect increase with its level, and when removed
at level four, it also inflicts paralysis and stun.

Lv. 1: Lasts 60 seconds.
Lv. 2: Lasts 45 seconds.
Lv. 3: Lasts 30 seconds.
Lv. 4: Lasts 15 seconds.

Poison Res +100%
Reduces susceptibility to poison by 100%.
Arc Absorption II
Fills the dragon gauge by 20% and restores the
user’s HP if they are in range of the attack dealt
by the “Overcharged” effect when it is lost.
  • Lv80
  • 10
  • HP758
  • Strength502
Adventurer Details
  • The seventh heir of Alberia, with fresh resolve
    to fight on for Alberius’s will. His kindness and
    bravery have attracted many allies to his side,
    and he will turn these bonds into strength that
    surpass all legend.
Rising Circlet


Deals damage to surrounding enemies,
and creates a buff zone that increases strength.
Damage: 1,652 × 1 hit
Skill Energy Required: 3,817
Skill Energy Required (Shared Skill): 16,794
Special Effects:
・Strength +20%
Lasts 10 seconds
Exalted Glory
Deals damage to enemies directly ahead,
inflicts paralysis, increases the entire team’s
strength and defense, and grants all teammates
a shield. The skill gauge for this skill can be
filled by attacking enemies, but it will also
gradually fill automatically.
Damage: 134 × 3 hits
Damage: 400 × 10 hits
Skill Energy Required: (Fills Automatically)
Special Effects:
・Strength +15%
Lasts 15 seconds
・Defense +15%
Lasts 15 seconds
Charges: 1
Potency: 20% of max HP
Lasts 13 seconds
Triggers every 3.9 seconds
Damage: 60
Shapeshifting Boost VIII
Adds 10% to the modifier applied to damage
when in dragon form, and extends shapeshift
time by 20%. Benefits your whole team.
Chain Co-ability
(Light) Shapeshift = HP Regen VI
If a team member is attuned to Light:
each shapeshift grants them an HP regen buff
for 20 seconds. Benefits your whole team.
Dragonlight’s Resolve II
Reduces dragon gauge depletion over time by 30%,
and increases attack rate when shapeshifted by 10%.
Sacred Shield II
Reduces susceptibility to poison
and curses by 100%.
Draconic Charge II
Fills 50% of the user’s dragon gauge when
their HP drops to 30% (once per quest).
・The stats shown here do not include increases or decreases due to abilities and represent the adventurers at level 80 with 50 mana nodes unlocked, not the stats when first obtained.
・Adventurers with the same name cannot be put into the same team.
Featured dragon:
  • Lv100
  • HP369
  • Strength127
Dragon Details
  • One of the dragons known as the Five Archangels,
    he is a perfectionist who is as strict with others
    as he is himself—and even assigns points and
    gives grades. His intense personality is carried
    over in his Sigil-sworn apostle.
Angelic Blaze
Deals damage to the target and nearby enemies,
draws them together, and inflicts scorchrend.
Damage: 450 × 5 hits
Special Effects:
Lasts 21 seconds
Triggers every 2.9 seconds
Damage: 41.6
(Flame) Strength +60%
If the user is attuned to Flame:
increases strength by 60%.
(Flame) Uriel’s Favor II
If the user is attuned to Flame:
grants the “Uriel’s Zeal” effect when they
dodge an attack.

Uriel’s Zeal has three progressively more
powerful levels.
Lv. 1: For 60 seconds, increases the user’s
strength by 10% and the chances of inflicting
scorchrend by 20%.
Lv. 2: For 40 seconds, increases the user’s
strength by 20% and the chances of inflicting
scorchrend by 40%.
Lv. 3: For 20 seconds, increases the user’s
strength by 30% and the chances of inflicting
scorchrend by 80%.

・The stats shown here represent the dragon at level 100, maximum bond, and unbound to the fourth stage. They do not represent the stats when first obtained.

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