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Dragalia Lost – Cursed Connections (Part Two) summon showcase and other events

Posted on January 7, 2021 by in Mobile, News

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

  • A Daily Free Tenfold Summon event is now live, running until January 10th.
  • The latest Summon Showcase, Cursed Connections (Part Two) is now available. Players can obtain the following: Yoshitsune (Adventurer), Gozu Tenno (Dragon), Seimei (Adventurer), Mitsuhide (Adventurer), Nobunaga (Adventurer), Ieyasu (Adventurer), Chitose (Adventurer), Sazanka (Adventurer), Addis (Adventurer), Daikokuten (Dragon), and Marishiten (Dragon.) The showcase will be available until January 14th.
  • Increased Drops: Avenue to Power triple drops and Avenue to Fortune triple rupies event now available.
  • Special flame-, water-, and shadow-attuned adventurer upgrade events now live. Take this time to increase the strength of your adventurers of the specified elements.
  • Episode 4 and the Omega Difficulty have been added to the latest Raid Event, Cursed Connections. This will be available until January 13th, with rewards obtainable until the 20th.


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