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Dragalia Lost – December 27, 2021 current events

Posted on December 27, 2021 by in Mobile, News

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

  • The Kaleidoscape, a solo-play-exclusive experience that challenges you to brave the depths of a labyrinth with an ever-changing layout, became available on Dec. 26, 10 PM PT.
  • Dragalia Lost version 2.15.1, which addresses some ongoing issues, is now available.
  • An increased-drops event for Void Battles quests started Dec. 26, 10 PM PT. Drops for eligible quests are tripled on a rotating daily basis!
  • Half-stamina, half-getherwing, and co-op double-drops events for Advanced Dragon Trials and The Agito Uprising started on Dec. 26, 10 PM PT.
  • Events including a special adventurer upgrade event for every element and double drops for Elemental Ruins, Dragon Trials, and The Imperial Onslaught started on Dec. 26, 10 PM PT.

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