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Dragalia Lost event having technical issues

Posted on October 19, 2018 by (@matt_okeefe) in Mobile, News

The second ever event for Dragalia Lost went live earlier today. But the Trick or Treat event is having a number of technical issues as reported by Perfectly Nintendo. Here are the problems they list:

  • Player may be disconnected in Co-op when using the weapon skill of “Jack-o’-Lance” or “Vampire’s Lantern.”
  • The total might of each party is displayed during Co-op of the boss battle “Squash the Pumpking.”
  • Under “Current Effective Facility” at the event’s main screen, it incorrectly says “Strength X% Up!” instead of “Damage X% Up!”
  • The daily battle “Nightly Haunts” is not resetting properly.

There was an additional problem involving stat boosts, but the developer fixed that issue and are investigating the other four.

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