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Dragalia Lost – February 2020 letter from director Yuji Okada

Posted on February 1, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada today published a new letter to fans. Okada goes over the Monster Hunter event, new events planned for February, recent updates, and plans for the future.

Here’s the letter in full:

Hello! Yuji Okada here, director of Dragalia Lost.
Are you enjoying the Monster Hunter event? From the movements of the adventurers and monsters to the introduction of large barrel bombs, I believe this event offers lots of gameplay that is different from other events we’ve held up until now.
We also added a few major features in the January update. In addition to the plans for this month, I’d also like to discuss the intention behind those updates.
■Regarding the Monster Hunter Event
・I was extremely happy to be able to put together a Monster Hunter event, since it’s a series that I thoroughly enjoy. I also think it was a bit surprising that Fatalis, who is a bit of a special monster even within the series, showed up as the raid boss.
・The first half of the event is on now, but the second half will start in the near future. We’ll be adding one more adventurer, and their weapon type will be something other than sword or lance. We’ll share more information about the second half of the event with you via notifications, so please wait just a little longer!
■Regarding Events This Month
・The Valentine’s Confections event, which was held last year as well, will be returning in mid-February with a new story and new things to do. You’ll be able to collect items called Valentine’s gifts during the event, and give them to certain adventurers to see a special story featuring that character. There will be 30 adventurers you can give gifts to!
・After mid-February, we’ll be adding a chimera enemy of a new element to Void Battles. Just like the Volcanic Chimera we added last year, you’ll be able to obtain powerful weapons using the materials you get by clearing the quest.
・Chapter 12 of the main campaign will be added in February. In this chapter you’ll get a look at one of the siblings’ past, and you’ll be able to see a surprising side of them, which will change the relationship between the siblings a little. There will also be a new boss you can only fight in chapter 12.
・A new boss will be added to The Agito Uprising in late February. Like last time, Standard and Expert difficulties will be added and you’ll be able to craft one 6★ weapon by clearing Standard difficulty. The level of difficulty is high, but I hope you give it a try!
■Regarding the Recent Updates
The update at the end of January added some major features, but the one I’d like to talk about is the revive feature.
・Void Battles, Advanced Dragon Trials, and The Agito Uprising are high-difficulty quests that don’t allow much room for error. Finding ways to overcome that high degree of difficulty is the true charm of this game, but we believe that we set the barrier to entry too high and made the gameplay experience unenjoyable for the players.
The revive feature will help alleviate this by allowing players to recover if they make a small mistake. Our hope is that this will make the higher difficulties a little more approachable. However, we didn’t want to simply lower the difficulty, so we added benefits for clearing quests without using the revive feature.
For The Agito Uprising, which was just recently released, the revive feature still only applies to Standard difficulty, but we plan to make adjustments in the future with the addition of new content.
■Regarding the Future of Dragalia Lost
・As I discussed above in the section about the revive feature, we plan to continue making improvements that will make the game easier for players who started the game with the current event, and for those who stopped playing for a while but have now started again.
In the next update, we will add a feature that lets players check strategy information for Dragon Trials and Advanced Dragon Trials in-game, and a feature that lets players select whether they wish to receive the weekly bonus.
・Though I can’t get into the specifics yet, we’ll also work to make it so that a wider variety of adventurers can challenge high-difficulty quests. In order to make it easier to upgrade adventurers, we plan to flesh out the game’s solo play elements. Additionally, we’ll improve the co-op room condition settings to make it easier to participate in co-op.
These are the sorts of things we are keeping in mind as we develop features for future updates!
・We are also aware that Dragalia Lost’s large data size—which is due to the amount of 3D models, 2D illustrations, and voice data—is another concern for players. Though it will take some time, this is something we plan to adjust little by little in the long term.
■In Conclusion
I hope you continue to enjoy playing the Monster Hunter event. This month, we’re giving the following items to players. I hope they’re helpful in the early stages of upgrading your adventurers!
・Eldwater x50,000
・Champion’s Testament x2
・Knight’s Testament x2
・Gold Whetstone x50
・Gold Crystal x300
The next installment of This Month in Dragalia Lost will be posted around Mar 1, 2020(JST).
Thanks for reading, and for continuing to play Dragalia Lost!
Yuji Okada
Director, Dragalia Lost


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