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Dragalia Lost – Introducing Kai Yan

Posted on February 21, 2020 by in Mobile

A powerful new enemy, Kai Yan, is coming to The Agito Uprising on Feb. 27, 10 PM PT. New 6★ weapons, which can be crafted using materials earned by defeating Kai Yan, will also be added. Here’s an overview of this new foe:

To this tyrant, the idea of coexistence is nothing more than a loathsome and abhorrent weakness. An emissary of extinction, he unleashes thunderbolts of annihilation in rebellion against a world that stagnates in peace. This crushing tyrant has a name, and that name is Kai Yan.

Additionally, Hildegarde’s and Prometheus’s limited-time stories were added to the Valentine’s Confections story event revival on Feb. 20, 10 PM PT. Everyone in the Halidom is working themselves into a frenzy over Valentine’s, except Hildegarde…

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