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Dragalia Lost – PRIMAL CRISIS comes to an end and sticker choices have been decided

Posted on February 18, 2020 by in Mobile

The MONSTER HUNTER PRIMAL CRISIS event has ended. There is an epilogue event available now in game for players to experience. Players can access it from the “View Quests” list of the event menu.

Earlier this month, the Dragalia Lost team took to Twitter to ask Global and Japanese fans for their thoughts on the next round of stickers to come to the game. We have the results here:

  • For the “Messages” theme, “Issue 158 (Luca): IT’S UP TO YOU!” is the winner.
  • For the “Strength” theme, “Issue 177 (Elisanne): Eh? Eh?” is the winner.
  • For the “Dream-Like” theme, “Issue 103 (Luca): Hello there…” is the winner.


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