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Dragalia Lost – Sigil Spotlight and five Platinum Showcases live now

Posted on April 6, 2022 by in Mobile, News

Several new events have just gone live in Dragalia Lost, consisting of a new Sigil Spotlight and a whopping five new Platinum Showcases. Firstly, the new Sigil Spotlight allows you to obtain adventurers Humanoid Mercury and Humanoid Jupiter, as well as dragon Midgardsormr Zero. For the duration of this showcase, players may exchange wyrmsigils for any of the 5★ adventurers or dragons listed above. You can check out more details about those characters here.

Next, Platinum Showcases are now available for each of the game’s respective elements, Flame, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow. Platinum Showcases guarantee a 5★ element-attuned adventurer within each tenfold summon, but can only be performed twice, and only with Diamantium. Here are the list of adventurers available for each elemental Platinum Showcase, along with links for more details on each character’s stats:

Both the Sigil Spotlight and these Platinum Showcases will be available until April 15 at 10:59 PM PST.

Beyond that, 5★ adventurer Valerio has also just received a sixth mana circle. Trials of the Mighty have also gone live, featuring the Water Legion’s Trial, Harle’s Trial, Chthonius’s Trial, Mars’s Trial and Asura’s Trial, all available until April 12 at 10:59 PM PST. More details about those trials can be found here.

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