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Dragalia Lost – The Clockwork Heart facility event and Halloween Bonus live now

Posted on October 28, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

A new facility event has come to Dragalia Lost – The Clockwork Heart. This event brings with it the exclusive facility Dr. Schmidt’s lab.
Dr. Schmidt’s lab increases the stats of adventurers who are equipped with blades or staffs. It also boosts the damage done to enemies in event quests.

Dr. Schmidt’s lab can be upgraded with conductive bolts that are earned by equipping the event-specific wyrmprint A Halloween Spectacular! The wyrmprint Adventure in the Past can also be equipped for more acclaim when clearing quests.

Finally, the Halloween Bonus is live alongside this event, giving out special rewards for players logging in. These exact rewards are listed below:

■Log-In Bonus Content
Day 1: Exquisite Honey × 20
Day 2: Wyrmite × 400
Day 3: Rupie × 5,000,000
Day 4: Gold Crystal × 200
Day 5: Rupie × 5,000,000
Day 6: Rainbow Orb × 20
Day 7: Champion’s Testament × 1

Both the log in bonus and The Clockwork Heart will last until November 10, 2021 at 11pm PT. More specifics about the facility event can be found below.

■Event-Exclusive Facility: Dr. Schmidt’s lab
This facility increases the stats of adventurers who wield blades or staffs. It also confers a special effect that lets you deal more damage to enemies in these event quests. The strength of this effect increases as you level up Dr. Schmidt’s lab. This effect only applies for the duration of this event. To level up Dr. Schmidt’s lab, you’ll need conductive bolts, which you can find in these event quests.

■Upgrade Item: Conductive Bolts
You can get these items from the story quests and boss battles for this facility event.

■Boss Battles
Boss battles are quests where you can face off against boss enemies that appear in the event story. Rewards vary depending on the difficulty cleared. This quest can be played either solo or co-op.

■Challenge Battles
Challenge battles are high-difficulty quests limited to solo play, and are available in Expert, Master, and Nightmare difficulties. The Expert difficulty challenge battle is unlocked after completing the event boss battle on Expert difficulty, and the Master difficulty challenge battle will unlock when you complete the Expert difficulty challenge battle.

The Nightmare difficulty challenge battle will become available on 10/30/2021 at 01:00, and you must complete the Master difficulty challenge battle to play it. Even if you complete the Master difficulty challenge battle, you will not be able to play the Nightmare battle until it is available.

These quests will have you testing your strength against waves of enemies. If you fail to reach the last wave in Expert or Master difficulty, you will still receive rewards for the ones you did clear, but in Nightmare difficulty you must complete the final wave to earn rewards.

Finally, the drop rate for rewards differs based on the difficulty. The drop rate for rewards in Nightmare difficulty is the same as Master difficulty. Once per day when you clear Nightmare difficulty, you can get a Grand Bounty. The Grand Bounty you receive is randomly selected from a set of rewards.

■Trial Quests
You can play these high-difficulty quests in either solo or co-op. Trial quests will be available starting on 10/31/2021 at 01:00 and can be unlocked by progressing through event quests.

■Acclaim Rewards
Acclaim points are event-exclusive points that can be earned by clearing event quests. Collect them to earn all kinds of rewards!

■Treasure Trade Rewards
You can earn healing aromatics and quill & ink sets by playing event quests and trade them for various rewards on the Treasure Trade menu. What’s more, in this event you’ll be able to trade conductive bolts, which are required to level up the Dr. Schmidt’s lab event facility, for healing aromatics and quill & ink sets, which are only used in the Treasure Trade, and vice versa.

■Event Bonus
The following wyrmprints will have bonus effects during this event.

・A Halloween Spectacular!
・Adventure in the Past

If you equip these wyrmprints and clear event quests, you’ll get even more conductive bolts and acclaim points.

You can get A Halloween Spectacular! from endeavor rewards. Adventure in the Past is available in the Treasure Trade for wyrmprints.
Note: The amount of event bonus effect differs based on the wyrmprint and how much the wyrmprint has been unbound.

These endeavors can only be attempted for the duration of the event. They are separated into Daily and Limited variations. By accomplishing these endeavors, you can receive various rewards.

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