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Dragalia Lost – The Great Dragonyule Offensive event and Part Two bonus live now

Posted on December 9, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

The onslaught event The Great Dragonyule Offensive is live now in Dragalia Lost. This event has players facing off against hoards of attacking enemies that become more fearsome as the difficulty increases. Master difficulty even includes Astral High Jupiter Assault as an EX quest, which pits players against the formidable foe Astral High Jupiter. 

Rewards for completing these quests include water tomes and shadow tomes, as well as items that restore stamina as glory rewards. Additionally, players receive a special bonus for logging in during this event:

■Log-In Bonus Content
Day 1: Dragonyule Cake × 5
Day 2: Rupie × 5,000,000
Day 3: Yuletide Roast × 10
Day 4: Rainbow Orb × 20
Day 5: Rupie × 5,000,000
Day 6: Champion’s Testament × 1
Day 7: Wyrmite × 400

All of this will be available until the event ends on December 23, 2021 at 9:59pm PT. More specifics about the story and details of the event can be found below.

In The Great Dragonyule Offensive, you can enjoy a new story about allies fighting with all of their might to protect various areas. You can use the limited-time item, war chronicles, to read the story.
Note: The story for The Great Dragonyule Offensive will be partially voiced instead of fully voiced in Japanese.

■Playing the Event
There are multiple quests for each difficulty (Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Master).

At the start of an onslaught event, only one Beginner quest will be unlocked. More quests can be unlocked using battle charts, items that are unique to the event. After clearing all of the quests for a difficulty, you will receive a Victory Reward and the next difficulty will be unlocked.

To challenge the EX quest, you must collect battle charts to unlock the quest, then use a stratagem. Stratagems can be obtained from certain quests in The Great Dragonyule Offensive event, or as glory rewards, which are described below.

■Glory Rewards
Glory points are event-exclusive points that can be earned by clearing event quests. Collect them to earn all kinds of rewards! These rewards include limited-time items (battle charts, stratagems, and war chronicles) that can be used to unlock quests and new stories in The Great Dragonyule Offensive.

You can get battle charts by clearing event quests and collecting glory. You cannot obtain battle charts as drop rewards.

■Castle Stories
You can read castle stories by using looking glasses, which can be obtained as glory rewards.

Note: No new castle stories will be added during this event.

■Dragon Battles
Dragon battles are solo quests unique to onslaught events where you remain shapeshifted for the entire duration of the quest.

Some dragon battles involve defeating a single boss, while others require you to defeat multiple waves of enemies. For dragon battles that involve defeating a single boss, you must defeat the boss for the quest to count as cleared. For dragon battles that involve defeating waves of enemies, you must clear the final wave for the quest to count as cleared.

Adventurers must equip a dragon to participate. Adventurers that have a dragondrive are unable to participate in dragon battles even if they have a dragon equipped. Tiki may participate in dragon battles, even though she shapeshifts into a special Divine Dragon form instead of regular shapeshifting.

The adventurer that you are controlling will automatically shapeshift at the start of the quest and their shapeshift will have an unlimited duration. Unlike standard shapeshifting, you will take damage from enemy attacks. You will fail the quest if the HP for all of the adventurers in your team reaches zero.

Normally, when an adventurer equipped with the dragon Gala Chronos Nyx shapeshifts and performs standard attacks, dragon strikes, skills, or the automatic dodge effect granted by his ability, their remaining shapeshift time will be depleted. However, in Dragon Battles, performing these actions will deplete their remaining HP instead.

Additionally, you will start the quest with your skill gauge filled, so you can use your skill as soon as the quest starts. Unlike standard shapeshifting, attacking enemies will charge your skill gauge and you will be able to use skills as many times as your skill gauge fills.

Some dragon battles are limited to a single adventurer while others require four adventurers to participate. The rules vary slightly in both cases. In single-adventurer dragon battles, you can only select one adventurer to participate.

The team creation for dragon battles limited to a single adventurer is separate from your normal teams and is unique to these quests. The team creation for dragon battles that require four adventurers uses your normal teams and all eligible adventurers can participate. If the team includes adventurers who use dragondrive instead of shapeshifting, a message that says “Adventurers that have a dragondrive are unable to participate in dragon battles” will display.

During dragon battles that require four adventurers, the adventurer you are controlling will automatically switch at the beginning of each wave. Only on the final wave of these quests will you be able to freely switch the adventurer that you are controlling. You cannot switch the shapeshifted adventurer you are controlling in the first or middle waves.

■Treasure Trade Rewards
You can earn primal crystals by playing event quests and trade them for various rewards on the Treasure Trade menu.

These endeavors can only be attempted for the duration of the event. They are separated into Daily and Limited variations. By accomplishing these endeavors, you can receive various rewards.

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