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Dragalia Lost update out now (version 2.6.0)

Posted on March 25, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

Dragalia Lost’s newest update is out now (version 2.6.0), and it has added Notte’s Notes to the game. Notte’s Notes are a series of informational resources (such as a game Encyclopedia, Battle Records, etc.) that players can use to track game statistics.

There are also various fixes and bugs in this update that can be seen below in the official patch notes.

Patch Notes (version 2.6.0):
■Update Details
▼New Feature: Notte’s Notes

Notte’s Notes is your one-stop shop for all kinds of useful information on your Dragalia Lost career. A record of every adventurer and dragon in your roster is kept in the encyclopedia section, while the number of times that you’ve cleared a quest with adventurers of certain elements, weapon types, and unit types can be found in the battle records section. Notte’s Notes can be accessed from the Menu (book icon) at the top-right of the screen.
Notte’s Notes is split into two sections: battle records and the encyclopedia. Here’s a quick overview of each.

・Battle Records
In the battle records section, you can see the number of cleared quests organized by the element, weapon type, or unit type of the adventurer used to clear it.

The details of adventurers who participated in quests are recorded here, meaning that up to eight adventurers may be recorded as having participated in a quest if it includes the team change mechanic featured in quests like those in the Rise of the Sinister Dominion series.

In multiplayer, only the adventurer on your team who participates in the battle is recorded. Adventurers who are part of your team but do not participate in the battle itself are not recorded, nor are the adventurers who are part of other players’ teams.

If a single team includes two or more instances of the same element, weapon type, or unit type, only the first instance of each is recorded. For example, if four flame-attuned, sword-wielding attack units were used to clear a quest, the flame element, sword weapon type, and attack unit type counters would each increment by one (not four).

Note that quests cleared before the introduction of Notte’s Notes and matches in the Alberian Battle Royale are not recorded.
・The Encyclopedia
In the encyclopedia section, you can browse all of the adventurers and dragons who have made an appearance in the game thus far, regardless of whether or not they are a part of your roster.

The adventurers and dragons currently in your roster are registered in the encyclopedia and appear in color, while those who are not remain unregistered and appear in gray. Temporary adventurers remain unregistered until you maximize your friendship with them.

You can access further information on any adventurer who is registered in your encyclopedia in their individual Memories section. Here you can view their summoning animation and listen to a selection of voice lines, such as those that play when their mana circle is unbound, when they are promoted, or when they clear a quest.

The encyclopedia is more than just for show, though! You can unlock encyclopedia bonuses that boost the stats of your entire roster of adventurers and dragons by fulfilling certain conditions. Each encyclopedia bonus applies to a specific element.

You can increase the encyclopedia bonuses that apply to all adventurers or dragons of a certain element by fulfilling one of the following conditions:

For adventurers of each element:
・Register a new adventurer: HP and Strength bonuses applied to all adventurers of the same element increase by 0.1% each
・Increase an adventurer’s level to 80: HP bonus applied to all adventurers of the same element increases by 0.1%
・Increase an adventurer’s level to 100: HP bonus applied to all adventurers of the same element increases by 0.1%
・Unlock 50 of an adventurer’s mana nodes: Strength bonus applied to all adventurers of the same element increases by 0.1%
・Unlock 70 of an adventurer’s mana nodes: Strength bonus applied to all adventurers of the same element increases by 0.1%

For dragons of each element:
・Register a new dragon: HP and Strength bonuses applied to all dragons of the same element increase by 0.1% each
・Fully unbind a dragon: HP bonus applied to all dragons of the same element increases by 0.1%
・Increase a dragon’s bond to 30: Strength bonus applied to all dragons of the same element increases by 0.1%

Stat boosts from encyclopedia bonuses took effect after the maintenance on 03/24/2021 at 22:00, causing the might of any teams with affected adventurers and dragons to increase. This change may not be visible on devices running version 2.5.1 or earlier.

▼New Quest: Trials of the Mighty
A new series of quests, Trials of the Mighty, will debut on 04/07/2021 at 01:00.

In Trials of the Mighty, you’ll be challenged to take on various bosses with a team of one or more predetermined elements and weapon types. You’ll see some familiar faces among the bosses, and quests will be available in Standard, Expert, and Master varieties in both solo and co-op play.

Clear these quests to earn materials for unlocking the mana spirals of certain adventurers (called “convictions” and “devotions” that are that unique to each adventurer) from the daily bonus. We plan to change the available bosses and rewards from time to time.

Any daily bonuses for Trials of the Mighty that you don’t earn on a given day will be available to earn later. Up to three can be stored in this way, so don’t fret if you need to miss a day or two of playing. You’ll start with one daily bonus when the quests become available on 04/07/2021 at 01:00 and this stock will grow incrementally by one every day at 11 PM PDT (10 PM PST).

Information on the bosses who you will go up against and the adventurers whose mana spirals can be unlocked using materials from the daily bonus will be provided in a separate notification.
■Other Changes
・As more and more skills and abilities and their corresponding buffs and debuffs are added to the game over time, the combat log display becomes more and more bloated, and it has now reached a point where it is no longer able to serve the purpose that the developers had originally envisioned. Based on this and other factors including how often the combat log is currently used by players, we have made the decision to remove the option to display it in version 2.6.0. We plan to incorporate future effects in a less obtrusive way, such as through user interface elements during battle.
・The Auto Unlock feature can now be used with mana spirals.
・The dragon Mini Hildy will be added to the fafnir medals section of the Trade Treasure on 03/27/2021 at 01:00.
・The background music track “a n n i v e r s a r y” will be available for a limited time between 03/27/2021 at 01:00 and 03/31/2021 at 00:59 in the System tab under Options on the Menu.
・The design of the chairs in the tavern on the 3D Home screen has been adjusted.
・The user interface has been adjusted in various places.
・Voice lines for the dragon Chthonius will be added after the data update around 04/02/2021 at 01:00.

■Quality-of-Life Improvements
The following quality-of-life improvements were implemented during the maintenance on 03/24/2021 at 22:00.
・The maximum player level has been increased from 200 to 250.
・The maximum number of skip tickets has been increased from 200 to 400.
・Skip tickets may now be used to skip the following quests:
Void Zephyr Strike: Standard/Expert
Void Poseidon Strike: Standard/Expert
Void Agni Strike: Standard/Expert
Void Jeanne d’Arc Strike: Standard/Expert
Void Nidhogg Strike: Standard/Expert
Volcanic Chimera Strike: Standard/Expert
Tidal Chimera Strike: Standard/Expert
Tempest Chimera Strike: Standard/Expert
Luminous Chimera Strike: Standard/Expert
Ebon Chimera Strike: Standard/Expert

■Issues Addressed
・When the adventurer Tiki enters her Divine Dragon form, the (Element) HP +X%, (Element) Defense +X%, or Defense +X% chain co-abilities trigger again, causing their stat-boosting effects to stack.
・If the adventurer Joker uses the Wild Rush skill while Arsène is summoned, then dismisses Arsène in the middle of the skill’s animation, Arsène will perform an additional attack the next time he is summoned, but using the Wild Rush skill when the skill gauge is full may deplete the gauge without actually activating the skill.
・If the adventurers Joker, Mona, Panther, or Sophie summon their Personas while affected by a buff or shield, the buff or shield effect will appear on their Personas (Arsène, Zorro, Carmen, or Pithos).
・The allied AI adventurer Yoshitsune uses her skill Kumasaka Flash when she falls victim to a trap such as a puddle.
・When the controlled adventurer is on the same team with the adventurer Yoshitsune and the controlled adventurer evades an attack, they may be inflicted with the effect of an enemy’s ability (even though the attack was successfully evaded).
・If the adventurer Yoshitsune uses the Kumasaka Flash skill and is hit by an attack while preparing the powerful shot, the resulting attack rate increase is not applied to her counterattack.
・If the player switches control to an allied AI adventurer equipped with the dragon Gala Thor while they are using the skill Thor’s Hammer, the gauge exclusive to that skill will not be properly displayed after the switch.
・The increase in dragon gauge caused by Nimis’s Pancake Paradise skill takes into account the effects of the Dragon Haste +X%, (Flame) Dragon Haste +X%, (Water) Dragon Haste +X%, and (Shadow) Dragon Haste +X% chain co-abilities.
・The Attack Rate Up buff is not applied to the additional attacks of the adventurer Ramona’s skill Forge Buster or the adventurer Lathna’s skill Chaos Gift.
・While playing co-op, if the adventurers Joker, Mona, Panther, or Sophie transition to a different area while their Personas (Arsène, Zorro, Carmen, or Pithos) are summoned, their Personas will not be displayed until they move or perform an action (such as attacking).
・With the removal of the combat log, all issues related to it are considered addressed.


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