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Dragalia Lost – Wagabond Pupper event live now and new trailer for next Prize Showcase

Posted on April 1, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

The adorable Wagabond Pupper event has brought dogs to Dragalia Lost. These furry friends can be played with on a special Walkies quest and in the Dragon’s Roost. There has also been a photo mode added to the game that can be used to snap pictures of the dogs at many different angles. 

The Wagabond Pupper event was added to Dragalia Lost for only a day last year but now it seemingly has no expiration.

There is also a Prize Showcase coming soon on April 1 at 10pm PT. This Prize Showcase has received a trailer showing off the adventurer Alberius (shadow/sword) and the Dragon High Chthonius (shadow). Feel free to check it out below.


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