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Dredge update adds Photo Mode, Passive Mode, more

Posted on July 6, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Dredge update Photo Mode, Passive Mode

Dredge just released its latest major update, which includes the addition of a Photo Mode and Passive Mode.

Photo Mode has been regularly requested by players since launch. In order to access it, they’ll first have to fish for a piece of equipment and exchange it with a new islander, a photographer, for the new device.

As for Passive Mode, it’s come in handy for cozy gamers who want to avoid the biggest nasties in the game and lean into the laid back fishing gameplay while avoiding the more sinister side of the adventure. 

Below are the full patch notes:

Dredge update patch notes for Photo Mode, Passive Mode, more


    • Added Photo Mode
      • This new ability can be unlocked after providing some assistance to a new character – The Photographer! You’ll find her at a new camp on an island to the south of The Marrows.
      • Photos will be captured to your system’s in-built gallery on most platforms.
        • GOG players will find their photos in “Pictures/DREDGE/Screenshots”
    • Added Passive Mode
      • This mode can be activated at any stage by selecting the option from the Settings menu. In this mode, you’ve nothing to fear from the creatures of the deep.
    • Added 10 new aberrations
    • Added 8 new types of wildlife for you to encounter, including one that isn’t afraid of the shallows…
    • Added new settings
      • V-sync (PC only)
      • Pause In Background – the default behaviour of this has changed so that the game does not pause when it loses focus. (PC only)
      • Camera Follow Mode – you can now detach the camera from the boat’s turning orientation. This means that when the boat turns, the camera won’t automatically turn to look in the boat’s new direction.
      • Spyglass Sensitivity – sliders for horizontal and vertical movement.
      • Haste VFX – disables the visual effects (FOV pull & screen shake) that occur when the Haste ability is activated.


  • Added a new “General” tab to Settings and moved some options around.
  • Added a couple of new names to the credits.
  • Updated Dolphin SFX.
  • Dolphins and some other events are discouraged from swimming over the abyss of Stellar Basin.


  • Fixed an issue where the Crab Pot / Trawl Net information panel didn’t show correctly the first time if the game was loaded with either of these abilities pre-selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze when downgrading a trawl net to another net with a smaller internal capacity.
  • Fixed an issue where discarding the package from The Mayor never removed the associated map marker.
  • Fixed an issue where an island in Devil’s Spine was culling incorrectly.
  • Fixed some localization issues.

And for our speedrunning community…

  • The Haste activation SFX does not play if Haste was deactivated recently.

We have a trailer showcasing the new update below.


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