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Empire of Sin update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on January 3, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Empire of Sin’s second update is live on Switch. Version contains a large amount of fixes including save corruption, softlocks, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Save corruption bug is now fixed
  • Free building upgrades bug is now fixed
  • The save game issue that is affecting some players, preventing them from loading saves is now fixed
  • Several softlocks have been hard fixed:
    • When using Home Run to apply the Batter Up effect
    • When a gang boss melees in a fight but freezes before he can punch
    • In a war, they have been adjusted now so that if the primary Attacker or primary Defender is eliminated, the war is over
    • When a Gangster with Revenge gets melee attacked in combat and is knocked back by the enemy on the counterattack
  • Sometimes AI tactics got blocked by an under the hood error – this under the hood error is now buried six feet under
  • Occasional reports of the game freezing on a loading screen have been resolved, this was due to an error with a broken mission save
  • When completing the ‘One for me brew for you’, the breweries were not reopening after a month had passed from the completion of at the moment. They are now open for business as usual
  • Gangsters teleporting out of bounds when large groups attacked a target. All these gangsters are now locked into the fight and won’t get away
  • Occasional freezes on the Alcohol screen when playing through the Tutorial are now resolved
  • The issue with the disappearing gangsters is fixed, they will disappear no more
  • An issue with the button to change crew members, ‘Role’ does not work has been resolved
  • Daniel McKee Jackson’s missing clickable option has been found and reimplemented (was hidden in the hat)
  • Fixed issue where if two buildings changed racket type at the same time, actors would sulk and disappear
  • Various UI fixes


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