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Ever Oasis details

Posted on May 5, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Nintendo World Report went live with a preview today for Grezzo’s upcoming 3DS game Ever Oasis. Find the latest details below.

– Demo took place at the beginning of the adventure
– Party of three, led by main character Tethu, began in the main Oasis hub
– One traveler named Jasper lost something out in the wilds of the desert
– Desert overworld is filled with enemies to fight and dungeons and caves to explore
– Map on the bottom screen shows what direction to go to for your quest
– Each of your three characters has a weak and strong attack at the outset
– Tethu had a sword
– Miura wielded a spear
– Roto is a healer who throws a ranged boomerang
– More abilities available as you level up
– Tethu has access to a special attack that fires off a tornado at enemies
– Useful against flying enemies since it brings them to the ground
– One character has a giant hammer that could be used for a powerful special attack
– Along the way, each character also learns combo attacks that can be used to do more damage
– Control one character at a time
– Switch between them by pressing a button
– Day/night cycle in the game
– Enemies get tougher when the sun goes down
– When a party member falls, you can control another one to try to revive them by jamming on the A button near their body
– If your whole party fails, you can be revived instantly once
– Failing again reverts you to your last save
– Caves and dungeons house puzzles and secrets that can usually only be accessed by certain characters
– A room off to the side of one cave could only be reached by combining Miura’s power to flip large objects and Roto’s ability to turn into a little ball
– Miura set up a path for Roto to ricochet off, and then Roto bounced around to a side room
– Large rocks can only be broken by big weapons
– Sand piles can be swept away by Tethu’s tornado ability
– Buried treasure can be unearthed by a digging character
– Warp points
– Run into characters who can unlock other optional side quests or encourage the character to visit the Oasis
– After clearing Jasper’s quest, he will join your roster with the power to dig
– Visitors will enter your Oasis with more quests
– Build new shops to increase the prosperity of the main hub area
– Synthesize new weapons
– Can reorganize the three-character party


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