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Fae Farm flower breeding guide

Posted on September 12, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Fae Farm flower breeding

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll walk you through flower breeding, so you can have a garden of multi-colored flowers from the basic seeds within a few days. You’ll just need to go through a few easy steps that we’ve outlined below.

Step 1: Create Flower Soil Bed

Fae Farm flower breeding

The first thing you’ll need to do is create at least three plots of Flower Soil Bed. You’ll need 1 Oak Log, Silt, and Mulch per plot. Oak Logs are acquired from cutting down larger trees, and Silt from digging up darker patches of soil. You’ll need to upgrade your Shovel to dig up Mulch patches, and can find them in Hazy Haven and Spooky Woods.

Step 2: Purchase at least two different types of flower seed

The second step for Fae Farm flower breeding is to purchase flower seeds from Rosalind, who is located in East Town. Pull up your map and highlight her for a marker if you’re having trouble finding her. She sells Red Rose Seeds, White Lily Seeds, and Yellow Tulip Seeds. Buy at least one of two different types of these.

Fae Farm flower breeding

Step 3: How to plant the seeds

You’ll want to plant your seeds in the Flower Soil Bed you prepared earlier so that there is a gap between the two different varieties. So for example, plant a Red Rose Seed, leave a gap, and then plant a White Lily Seed. You can grow more than one hybrid flower at a time on your Fae Farm breeding journey, just make sure you leave a gap between each seed, and that the seeds are a different color.

Fae Farm flower breeding

Step 4: Wait for the flowers to grow

Water your freshly planted flowers every day and go about your business as usual. Eventually, hybrid flowers should appear in the gaps between the flowers you planted. 

We’ll have even more coverage on Fae Farm soon, including more guides. We have already have a few ones up now, which you can find below.

The official website for Fae Farm is located here.

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