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Fire Emblem Heroes adding Caeda: Beloved Queen as new Legendary Hero

Posted on February 24, 2022 by in Mobile

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced Caeda: Beloved Queen as the newest Legendary Hero to be joining Fire Emblem Heroes. She’ll be joining the game in just a few days.

Caeda: Beloved Queen, who originates from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, is voiced by Cherami Leigh and has art by ichikawa Halu. She comes with the skills Wing-Lifted Spear, Moonbow, Distant Storm, Faithful Loyalty and Atk/Def Rein 3.

We have a trailer showing off the new Legendary Hero below. Note that you’ll also be able to summon previously-released 5-star Heroes Sothis: Girl on the Throne, Leif: Destined Scions, Edelgard: Flame Emperor, Corrin: Child of Dusk, Triandra: Nightmare, Reginn: Bearing Hope, Nótt: Moon’s Elegance, Malice: Deft Sellsword, Fae: Childlike Dragon, Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant and Astrid: Resolute Damsel as well.

Caeda: Beloved Queen will join Fire Emblem Heroes on February 27 at 11 PM PT / February 28 at 2 AM ET.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available on iOS and Android. You can check out the official website here. Additionally, we have lots of previous coverage on the game here.

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