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Fire Emblem Heroes adding L’Arachel: Princess of Light as its next Resplendent Hero

Posted on July 25, 2022 by in Mobile, News

Following today’s release of Resplendent Hero Corrin: Fateful Prince, Intelligent Systems has announced the next Resplendent Hero making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes. L’Arachel: Princess of Light will be our next Resplendent Hero, and she’ll become available in the game on August 10 at 12 AM PT, along with all of the usual Feh Pass quests.

Here are more details on the character below.

“I am L’Arachel, once the “beautiful princess of peerless beauty,” but now you may refer to me as the “beautiful princess of fairylike beauty!””
“Dozla! Rennac! What do you think of my new look, hm?”

Sharena’s Fashion Check!
L’Arachel, Rausten’s Princess of Light, is here to show off her new attire from Ljósálfheimr! It’s a truly elegant outfit, featuring a vibrant color gradient and a pair of ljósálfr-like wings on the back. She looks about ready to cast a sleep spell and take us to a land of sweet dreams!


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