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Fire Emblem Heroes adding Legendary Eitri and Mythic Thórr

Posted on November 28, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

fire emblem heroes Eitri

Fire Emblem Heroes has a pair of special characters on the way with Legendary Hero Eitri and Mythic Hero Thórr. Both will be added this coming week.

Eitri: Youthful Sage is voiced by Lisa Reimold and has art by Kozaki Yusuke. She can use the skills Grim Brokkr, Dragon Fang, Atk/Res Solo 4, Divine Recreation, and Atk/Res Rein 3. As for Thórr: War Goddess, she’s voiced by Laila Berzins and has art from Maeshima Shigeki. Her skills are War-God Mjolnir, Bonfire, Atk/Def Push 4, Flow Guard 3, and Worldbreaker.

Here’s a trailer promoting Legendary Hero Eitri and Mythic Hero Thórr in Fire Emblem Heroes (which will include some other characters as well):

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for mobile on iOS and Android. The new event featuring Legendary Hero Eitri and Mythic Hero Thórr will go live on November 30, lasting until December 14.

You can access the official website for Fire Emblem Heroes here. We also have plenty of additional coverage on the game here.

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