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Fire Emblem Heroes announces Gods Renewed summoning event

Posted on December 27, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes Gods Renewed

Fire Emblem Heroes is gearing up for its next summoning event, which is known as Gods Renewed. A new Paralogue Story will be included.

The lineup of features characters include Ash: Earnest Greetings (voiced by Lily Emil Lammers, art by Yoshiro Ambe), Elm: Resolute Grouch (voiced by Landon McDonald, art by azu – taro), Panne: Welcoming Dawn (voiced by Jessica Gee-George, art by Chiko), and Askr: Renewed Gods as a duo (voiced by Dustin Rubin + Mayanna Berrin, art by Nishiki Areku). The learnable skills for Ash at five stars include Heralding Horn, Bonfire, Distant Reversal, Atk/Def Bulwark 3, and Opening Retainer. Elm has Fang of Finality, Luna, Beast N Trace 3, and C Feud 3. The lineup for Panne is Keen Rabbit Fang, Luna, Atk/Spd Clash 3, and Lull Spd/Def 3. Finally, the sills for Askr are Duality Vessel, Bonfire, Def/Res Finish 4, Atk/Res Temp 3, and Opened Domain.

The Gods Renewed summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes begins on January 1 / January 2, 2023 (depending on your region). We have a trailer below.

Fire Emblem Heroes can be accessed on mobile via iOS and Android. You can find more coverage on the game from us here and the official website here

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