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Fire Emblem Heroes announces Holiday Handoff summoning event

Posted on December 14, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes Holiday Handoff

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed Holiday Handoff as its latest summoning event. It will feature Black Knight: The Night’s Blade (voiced by Robert Clotworthy, art by Yamada Kotaro), Dorothea: Yuletide Dancer (voiced by Allegra Clark, art by Mikuro), Annette: Festive Helper (voiced by Abby Trott, art by kiyu), and Cordelia: Unyielding Snow (voiced by Julie Ann Taylor, art by sachie).

The learnable skills for Black Knight include Solemn Axe, Black Luna, Distant Dart, Special Fighter 4, D/R Far Save 3. For Dorothea, her available skills are Sevenfold Gifts, Sing, S/R Far Trace 3, and Inf. Spd Tactic. Annette’s lineup is Peppy Bow+, Moonbow, Atk/Res Ideal 3, and Crafty Fighter 3. Finally, Cordelia can learn Inseverable Spear, Galeforce, Atk/Spd Clash 4, Flow Guard 3, and Def/Res Hold.

Here’s a trailer for the Holiday Handoff summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes:

Fire Emblem Heroes can be downloaded on mobile via iOS and Android. You can find more coverage on the game from us here and the official website here

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