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Fire Emblem Heroes announces Hop-and-Go-Seek summoning event

Posted on March 5, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced the next summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes, which is known as Hop-and-Go-Seek. It’ll include the latest characters and a new Paralogue Story.

Delthea: Prodigy in Bloom (voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos, art by Miwabe Sakura), Maria: Sunny Smile (voiced by Wendee Lee, art by hanekoto), Henry: Peculiar Egg (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook, art by Tobi), and Sonya: Dazzling Rabbits as a duo (voiced by Tara Sands / Stephanie Sheh, art by Kippu) will be featured. Delthea can use Bright Shell-Egg, Glimmer, Atk/Spd Catch 4, S/R Far Trace 3, and Rouse Atk/Spd 4. Maria’s skills include Pastel Poleaxe, Rally Spd/Def+, Atk/Def Push 4, Flow Flight 3. Henry’s lineup is Carrot-Tip Bow+, Rally Def/Res+, Brazen Atk/Def 3, Atk/Def Ruse 3. Finally, Sonya has Magic Rabbits, Luna, Atk/Spd Unity, Chill Def/Res 2, and Spd/Res Hold.

Below is a trailer for the Hop-and-Go-Seek summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes:

Hop-and-Go-Seek will kick off in the game on March 7 / March 8, 2022.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for mobile via iOS and Android. You can check out our previous coverage here and the official website here.

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