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Fire Emblem Heroes announces New Heroes & Ascended Idunn summoning event

Posted on February 16, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes New Heroes & Ascended Idunn

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced the New Heroes & Ascended Idunn summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will feature the latest round of characters and a new story chapter.

The event features Hugh: Worldly Mage (voiced by Matthew David Rudd, art by 8ichibi8), Niime: Mountain Hermit, Cath: Master Thief (voiced by Antonia Flynn, art by kiyu), and Idunn: Divine Demon (voiced by Minae Noji, art by Kakage). Hugh has the skills Sell-Spell Tome, Moonbow, Spd/Def Ideal 4, and Rouse Atk/Spd 4. Niime’s skills include Hvitrvulture+, Iceberg, Atk/Res Solo 4, and Atk/Res Menace. The lineup for Cath is Armorpin Dagger+, Reposition, Atk/Res Bond 3, and Spd/Res Link 3. Lastly, Idunn’s skills include Dew Dragonstone, Bonfire, Sturdy Stance 3, Wily Fighter 3, and D/R Near Save 3.

Here’s a trailer for the New Heroes & Ascended Idunn summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes:

New Heroes & Ascended Idunn will begin on February 17 at 11 PM PT / February 18 at 2 AM ET. Note that the next Grand Hero Battle with Gonzalez: Kindly Bandit will start on February 18 at 11 PM PT / February 19 at 2 AM ET.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available on mobile for iOS and Android.

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