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Fire Emblem Heroes- Bound Hero Battle, Summoning Focus, and Røkkr Sieges now live

Posted on August 14, 2020 by in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting multiple events.

First, another single-day Bound Hero Battle featuring Innes & Eirika is now live. Paired with this is a single-day 5-star Summoning Focus featuring Innes: Regal Strategician, Eirika: Restoration Lady, and Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord. Make sure not to miss it!

Additionally, the latest Røkkr Sieges event is now being hosted:

The first set of battles and new stages are live now from August 14 to August 16.
Battle 2 and its corresponding stages are live from August 16 to August 18.
And Battle 3 is live from August 18 to August 20.

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