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Fire Emblem Heroes – all 5 Limited Hero Battles being hosted now

Posted on August 21, 2020 by in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes has been hosting several Limited Hero Battles this past week. As of today, with the start of Legendary Hero Battle – Lucina: Glorious Archer, all five of these Limited Hero Battles are available at the same time. These include the aforementioned Legendary Hero Battle, Bound Hero Battle: Chrom and Lisa, Grand Hero Battle – Garon: King of Nohr, Bound Hero Battle: Corrin and Azura, and Grand Hero Battle – Jamke: Prince of Verdane. These battles can offer rewards including Hero Feathers and Divine Codes (Part 1), and will be available until August 23.

Additionally today, the latest Mjölnir’s Strike has entered its shield phase. Depending on how high a player scores, this can reward Divine Codes (Part 1), Midgard Gems, and Dragonflowers. This will last until August 23.

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