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Fire Emblem Heores

The newest grand hero battle is Saias and will be available for players to attempt until April 25th.

Fire Emblem Heroes – dragon themed events

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Version 2.4.0 is now available with all the features listed earlier now accessible for play. On top if that we have a summoning focus that includes adult Tiki, Nowi as well as Robin (Fallen). There is also a bound hero battle featuring adult Tiki and Nowi for players to attempt as well. Essentially, a lot of new stuff available at this moment.

Fire Emblem Heroes new power summoning focus

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To celebrate the new character specific weapon skills a new summoning focus including them has started. The focus has Felicia, Caeda, Hinoka and Raven.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be getting some adjustments to arena and arena assualt matching. Players shouldn’t run into overly powerful or weak opponets as often anymore after the adjustments take place on February 27th.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Three heroes quests

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Special quests are now available where you can collect orbs and the three heroes: Hinata, Saizo and Gwendolyn. These shall be available until February 12th.

Fire Emblem Heores’ latest content update went live earlier today featuring Refined Weapons special maps. Get a look at some gameplay below.

Fire Emblem Heroes has updated with its latest content. As of now, players can access the Refined Weapons special maps, which feature enemies holding strengthened refined weapons.

You can take on five maps with three difficulty maps each. In other words, there’s a total of 15 maps where you can earn Refining Stones and Orbs. Note that quests will be available during the same period as well.