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Fire Emblem Heroes shares details for Version 3.1.0

Posted on December 28, 2018 by (@matt_okeefe) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes teased players in an in-app update about the next update for the title arriving in late January. Here are some of the biggest additions to the mobile game:

New Weapon Type: Beast

Heroes with the Beast weapon type will arrive!

Legendary Effects and Mythic Effects

To allow for Legendary Heroes and Mythic Heroes to play a more active role, Legendary Effects and Mythic Effects are being expanded.

Mythic Heroes will receive a Legendary Effect when deployed with a Legendary Hero in battle outside of Aether Raifd during a season that matches both of their blessing types.

Aether Raid Update

Some structures will have their level cap increased and during placement the Auto Setup feature will prioritize Mythic Heroes and Heroes with blessings who match the current season.

They also mentioned expanding the functionality of the Merge Allies feature in February. You can find more information in the Fire Emblem Heroes app.

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