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Fire Emblem Heroes update announced (version 5.9.0), patch notes

Posted on September 2, 2021 by in Mobile, News

A new update has been announced for Fire Emblem Heroes that offers a multitude of changes to some Legendary Heroes as well as some bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

■ New skills are being added for some Legendary Heroes

Ephraim: Legendary Lord

A Skill: Atk/Def Solo 4

B Skill: Solar Brace II

Hector: Marquess of Ostia

B Skill: Crafty Fighter 3

C Skill: Ostia’s Pulse II


These six Legendary Heroes will appear in Legendary Hero Remixes! These Heroes will also gain new skills over time.

・ Hríd: Icy Blade

・ Marth: Hero-King

・ Eirika: Graceful Resolve

・ Tiki: Legendary Dragon

・ Lucina: Glorious Archer

・ Azura: Vallite Songstress


■ New Archive of the North Memento Events are being added to Heroes Journey

Five new types of Memento Events are being added to Heroes Journey! If you completed all the Memento Events in the last season of Heroes Journey, look forward to this season’s Memento Events.


■ The lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated

Players will be able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 9) from events and exchange them for an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals using the Compile Combat Manual feature.


■ New weapon skill Dusk Dragonstone (Kana: Dragon Spawn) is coming soon! (This weapon can be upgraded in the Weapon Refinery after it has been obtained.)

■ New weapons to refine Dracofalchion (Alm: Imperial Ascent), Ninis’s Ice Lance (Eliwood: Marquess Pherae)

■ New weapons to refine (cont.) Flame Siegmund (Ephraim: Legendary Lord, Ephraim: Restoration Lord), Swift Mulagir (Lyn: Lady of the Wind), Light of Dawn (Micaiah: Queen of Dawn), and Sanngriðr (Camilla: Light of Nohr) are coming soon!

■ To players using an iOS device After an update planned for December, the Fire Emblem Heroes game will require iOS 13.0 or higher to play. After this update, Feh Pass will no longer be accessible on unsupported devices. See the in-game notification for more info.

This update is scheduled to arrive for mobile devices on September 5.


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