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Fire Emblem Heroes – Update coming next week

Posted on June 29, 2020 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

Fire Emblem Heroes is distributing its version 4.7.0 update on July 5th, 2020. With it comes a lot of new content in the game, which we have compiled below.

■ Aether Raids and Aether Resort are being updated
○ Some structures will have their level cap increased.
・ Tactics Room (O/D): up to level 7
○ Aether Resort is being updated.
・ Three new songs are being added to the Concert Hall.

■ Mjölnir’s Strike being updated
○ Some mechanisms will have their level cap increased.
・ Ljósálfar Garden: up to level 4

■ Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails
Heroes will be summonable via Heroic Grails:
・ Ashnard: Mad King
・ Hinata: Samurai Groom

■ Other Changes
・ Duo and Harmonized Hero sprites will be slightly smaller.
・ The Assist Skills in Auto option will be added to Settings and can be set to On, Off, or No Move Skills.
・ Options for various Home Notifications will be added to Settings.
・ Hero Check button will be added to the summoning screen. This allows players to preview the profile screens of Heroes appearing in the event.
・ In Ver. 4.7.0 onward, rewards for Resonant Battles seasons will become obtainable at each season’s end.

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