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From Space update out now, patch notes

Posted on February 6, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

A big update for From Space went live in the Switch version today.

Horde Mode, new skins for Story Mode, and more are included. Players can also access the Molten Iron and Concrete Jungle DLCs plus Operation: Clear Skies story mode DLC.

Here’s the full rundown of everything included:

From Space update patch notes

  • Horde Mode
  • 2 DLCs – Molten Iron & Concrete Jungle.
  • Story mode DLC – Operation: Clear Skies.
  • New skins for Story Mode
  • Network improvements.
  • Gameplay and UX improvements.
  • Single-player sessions can be paused by opening the game menu.
  • Cutscenes are skippable.
  • Changes in save system and Multiplayer.
  • Chat Wheel + Voice overs during gameplay.

Horde Mode

  • 6 Free Horde Mode maps with unique traps and hazards in 3 different themes
  • 28 Unlockable characters with different capabilities and 30 additional skins
  • 24 weapons, 33 items and 32 perks, all unlockable using tokens and energy
  • 12 different types of medals to earn while playing missions
  • 12 different challenges to complete for earning medals
  • 26 unique player ranks
  • New music tracks to match the high-energy horde mode missions
  • 2 DLC packs, each with 2 unique maps, as well as a unique character, weapon, item and perk

Molten Iron

  • 2 Maps – Steelworks and Crucible
  • Character with 4 variants
  • Weapon – Plasma Shotgun
  • Item – Beartrap
  • Item – Napalm Mine
  • Perk – Protective Clothing (Protect against different damage types: Fire, Electric, Toxic)

Concrete Jungle

  • 2 Maps – Rooftop and Hospital
  • Character with 4 variants
  • Weapon – Healing Gun
  • Item – Decoy Soldier (Placeable attracts aliens)
  • Item – Cryo Cannister (Placeable freeze trap)
  • Perk – Resurrection Perk (Revives player instantly)

Clear Skies DLC

  • Embark on a journey to three beautiful environments overrun by aliens
  • Fight for survival with crashed alien vessels to explore and unique challenges to overcome
  • Immerse yourself in a heart-pounding, all-new soundtrack that’ll have you grooving as you obliterate wave after wave of extraterrestrial foes!
  • Interact with a multitude of characters, each with their own secrets waiting to be unraveled!
  • New exciting storyline to uncover
  • Harness the power of two brand-new specialists: The cunning Scavenger and the Xeno Expert, both armed to the teeth with specialist weapons and game-changing perks!

Patch 5

  • Revamped the way the game saves progress:  Save data will now be split into two separate sections, Progression save data and World save data. The Progression save datacontains your character’s level, inventory (such as items and perks) and your weapons. You will now be able to choose which character to bring into a session, whether you are playing solo, or if you’re joining a friend in multiplayer.  It also means that your character’s progress won’t be lost anymore if you’re joining a friend in multiplayer.

The World save data contains your mission progress and your character’s location in the game world. Whenever you join a friend in multiplayer, a version of their save data will be stored locally on your system as well.This way, you can always choose to continue playing, even if your friend isn’t online. Keep in mind: This data is only created and updated when your squad saves use the radios in one of the Safe Zones.

  • Fixed an issue where players at the maximum level with the maximum XP were unable to using crafting perks (e.g. Medkit Crafter)
  • Additional Heavy Keys have been added within the Central Station location to prevent players from becoming stuck behind doors that require these keys
  • Text is no longer cut off from the XP and Energy sections of the HUD when using lower resolutions with the ‘Large Text Size’ option enabled
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck behind the Specialist boxes within the Camp Reagan location

Patch 4

  • Updated our multiplayer code/infrastructure to improve network quality and stability  Note: This also lays down the foundations for our future plans on multiplayer matchmaking and more.
  • Added an accessibility option to increase the size of text
  • Improved visibility on the indicator showing other player locations in the HUD
  • Improved the Hopper alien animations
  • Fixed an issue where some controllers may not be detected when multiple USB devices were connected
  • Fixed an issue where items unlocked by levelling up were inaccessible after changing Specialist
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Assassination’ tasks were not displayed correctly on the map
  • Fixed an issue where some loot boxes were clipping through the environment
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the environment within the kitchen location of the Metro Station
  • Fixed an issue where NPC characters could fall through a small section of the environment in the Research Lab
  • Fixed an issue where players could climb on top of a loot box within the City Center location

Patch 3

  • A “Catch Up” feature has been added allowing lower level players joining a higher level player session to level at an accelerated rate
  • Polish localisation for Achievements has been added
  • Drop Pod health has increased when the squad consists of 3 or 4 players
  • Player character animations have been improved with more dynamic movements while navigating the environment
  • Alien animations have been improved
  • Replaced one of the bandage items for one of the Merchants in the Research Lab with Barbed Wire
  • Price for Level 1 Perks have been increased slightly
  • Increased the upgrade cost for Perfected Weapons
  • Rebalanced audio levels
  • Weapons remain visible after upgrading them at the Workbench
  • Placeholder text is no longer displayed for the Captain Andrews NPC when playing in Traditional Chinese
  • The Skip Cutscene prompt no longer overlaps text in the Alien introduction videos
  • Resolved a minor animation error in the Gooper’s introductory video
  • Fixed an issue where multiple sound effects played simultaneously, and some SFX were skipped

Patch 2

  • Autosave – Progression now autosaves when you are no longer in combat. If KIA, the player will respawn at their last manually saved Safe Zone. Mission, Level and Item progression will be retained.
    • Note: We have added a setting to toggle this off if you would like to play with the original save game design (manually saving at Safe Zones)
  • The Stash – Stashes have been added throughout the world where players can store their weapons, items, and perks outside of their inventory
  • Chat Wheel – A new Chat Wheel has been added so you can communicate with your squad in-game and give them a thumbs up! Press (Spacebar) to activate this
  • The Map can now be accessed by pressing (M)
  • When hovering over icons on the map, a description of that icon is displayed. Other player icons will show their name
  • Icons have been added for the Merchants, Workbenches and Specialist Lockers for easier identification
  • Fixed an issue where crafted perks do not give the items at higher levels
  • Waypoints of an active mission no longer disappear when an inactive main mission task updates
  • Fixed an issue where reloading a level before using a Safe Zone one would reveal the entire map
  • The tutorial prompt for “Assassinating Aliens to Lower Influence” is no longer displayed during combat
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible wall blocked the player from navigating behind a building in the Suburbs near the entrance to the Metro Station
  • The Medkit Crafter perk now shows the correct energy cost
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck on a certain ramp within the Metro Station

Patch 1

  • Tutorial messages will now appear after combat when it is safe
  • A waypoint marker is available to guide players to the “Inner Crater”
  • Single-player sessions can be paused by opening the game menu
  • The crosshair can be customised with additional shapes and colours
    (Note: The crosshair is tied to your operating systems cursor, this was a design decision to help reduce latency with the cursor movements in-game. If you alter your cursor size in Windows, your cursor in-game will also adjust to match it)
  • Cutscenes are skippable
  • Improvements to prevent players with restricted network conditions from being stuck on a loading screen while connecting to a session
  • Additional SFX added to the Energy Harvesters within the City Center, Research Lab, and Metro Station
  • Energy Harvester balancing adjustments (Ammo pickup cooldown reduced, ammo locations increased, Harvester healing cooldown increased)
  • Added Chinese social media QR links to main menu when localised to Simplified Chinese
  • The Film Grain effect level has been increased
  • Launch sequence music has been decreased
  • Invulnerability of revived players increased to 2.5 seconds
  • Health warning indicator threshold raised
  • Chromatic aberration value is no longer a fixed value, now adjusts to the post strength of the CA and post-processing resolution
  • The game no longer crashes when changing display mode on a Steam Deck
  • The “Fauna” achievement now unlocks as intended
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the roof during a drop pod event in the City Center location
  • The Electrician’s Specialist Weapon now damages the “Buffer” enemy
  • Multiple Perks of the same type can no longer be equipped after upgrading at a workbench
  • Mission waypoint indicators for missions in locations A remain visible after travelling to location B
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the corner of a tent in one of the Suburbs Safe Zones
  • Fixed a bug where loading save data after completing the game caused the player to be stuck in the end-game area
  • The Electrician’s “Electric Wire” Perk Lvl 2 and 3 now display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the boxes near the Commander Wilson NPC within the Research Lab
  • “Threat Neutralised” and “Level Up” banners no longer overlap when the player meets both criteria at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the roof near the Safe Zone generator within the Suburbs
  • Fixed an issue where the Engineer Specialist receives too many shield bars in a level up
  • The Skip Cutscenes voting prompt no longer remains on screen when joining a multiplayer session if you already had a cutscene playing in your own session

A trailer showing off the From Space Horde Mode can be found below.

Horde Mode Trailer


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