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GBA emulator briefly available for iPhone via “Awesome Baby Names” app

Posted on March 19, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in General Gaming, General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories

People like putting copyrighted material onto the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad– that’s not terribly surprising on any given day. What’s surprising about the story we have today is that our perpetrators hid the copyrighted material inside of an app that helps you generate names for your baby called “Awesome Baby Names”.

The app has since been removed, but while it was up users could pay $1.99 for it, and if they knew the secret tapping combination the emulator would boot up and give you access to many of the GBA’s best games in ROM form. Reports are that it wasn’t a very good emulator, however, citing control issues and graphical glitches all around that made it not terribly fun to play.

Via PocketGamer

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