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Gogeta (DB Super) joining Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Posted on August 16, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gogeta (DB Super)

Gogeta (DB Super) is coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Bandai Namco has announced. The character will be appearing this fall as part of Legendary DLC Pack 2 “Ultimate Battle Pack”.

Here’s an overview of the character:

Coming straight from the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie, black-haired Gogeta’s Xenoverse 2 debut has been confirmed!

In addition to relentlessly launching ferocious kicks in lightning-fast combos, he can also switch between his black-haired form and Super Saiyan, making for some epic battles that feel like they’re right out of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”!

Ultimate Attack: Meteor Explosion

Gogeta blows his foe to smithereens with a huge blast of energy!

Awoken Skill: Super Saiyan

Gogeta powers up from his black-haired form and goes full Super Saiyan!

Super Attack: Comet Strike

Gogeta charges up his Ki to the max and launches an all-out assault on his opponent!

Also planned for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a new Raid Quest featuring Gogeta (DB Super) and Jiren (Full Power) in his Supervillain form, new Gogeta (DB Super), Jiren (Full Power), and Fu figures for the Hero Colosseum, new frames and stamps for Photo Mode, and “Bergamo’s Attire” for the avatar wardrobe.

Hit up the gallery below for a look at what’s to come in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


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