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Google Cloud graph gives another look at how Pokemon GO shattered initial expectations

Posted on September 29, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO’s initial launch didn’t exactly go smoothly. The game’s servers were completely overwhelmed to start out, leaving many unable to play.

Google Cloud’s Luke Stone wrote up a blog today and included a graph that gives us another look at just how much Pokemon GO smashed through expectations. An estimated target and worst case scenario were considered, but as you can see, both were shattered.

Stone also shared these interesting facts:

  • The Pokémon GO game world was brought to life using over a dozen services across Google Cloud.
  • Pokémon GO was the largest Kubernetes deployment on Google Container Engine ever. Due to the scale of the cluster and accompanying throughput, a multitude of bugs were identified, fixed and merged into the open source project.
  • To support Pokémon GO’s massive player base, Google provisioned many tens of thousands of cores for Niantic’s Container Engine cluster.
  • Google’s global network helped reduce the overall latency for Pokémon Trainers inhabiting the game’s shared world. Game traffic travels Google’s private fiber network through most of its transit, delivering reliable, low-latency experiences for players worldwide. Even under the sea!

You can read the full blog at the source link below.

Thanks to Anthony for the tip.


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