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Here’s a Podcast – Episode 119! (Alleyway)

Posted on June 3, 2015 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

The fun is finally over: All of our podcast crewmembers are now separated and doing the podcast remotely over Skype, which means a return to a more “normal” show for you.

Chapters today:

Opening Shenanigans

00:35 – Greetings
02:18 – Nature Valley bars are waaaay too crumbly.
06:15 – Picture of the Day
07:00 – Game of the Week: Alleyway!

What We Played

11:37 – Austin has an inkling to be a squid. (Splatoon)
29:27 – Jack goes bananas and murders someone. (Donkey Kong 64)
37:27 – Laura burns herself at the stake. (Layton vs. Phoenix Wright)
40:14 – Layton vs. Wright spoiler skip point.

Secondary Shenanigans

46:55 – Question of the Week – Playing games alone or with friends?
48:18 – Freetures
50:00 – Fun facts! Nindie Bundle + Splatoon music.
51:38 – Splatoon music break.

Listener Questions Mail

53:18 – Expectations, evangelism, and egregious behavior.
1:01:28 – Random questions for Austin
1:05:00 – The evolution of boss designs from unary state to binary state. (new terminology alert!!)
1:13:24 – Splatoon solving shooter stealth problems.

Ending Shenanigans

1:16:32 – Why we acted so weird
1:17:43 – Alleyway Quiz and Goodbyes

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